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august 1 tomorrow?

How is it I haven’t been on here? A little thing called facebook and real life. Life as we speak is going great. Just returned from Las Vegas after attending my good friend tricia’s wedding to david… a match made in heaven. I had the privilege of singing 2 songs at her wedding. The night before I had to cancel our hotel room ,because I got booked on The Closer and it was an evening shoot. That was a riot and a blessing all at once. I was reunited with Daniel Guzman and Julie Garnye and we laughed and reconnected in those few short hours. Thanks to the wonderful casting directors at Bruce Newberg’s office (ANi)…
Tims dad had been hospitalized for 2 weeks due to a hemotoma on both sides of his brain. It was quite a scare and we were without Tim here for almost 2 weeks. I give all you single parents a hand.. I could never do it alone… Thank God his dad is home and doing remarkably well.
ALright ideas for Harrison for this month of no school or camp??? He has tackle!!!!!!!!!! football practice at night but how to sneak in writing, math and reading and still make it fun… ??? let me know..

the only reason i’m writing

Is because my computer saved this site miraculously,and I was too embarrassed to tell Dale yet again I can’t remember my password. Ok January 2011. New photos, new auditions, new 2nd grade madness…soccer is done, basketball has begun,baseball signups last week, and football in our house. ANd this year Harrison makes his 1rst Communion so it’s a very special year…
My best friend here in LA,who’s been thru so much and would give you the shirt off her back,has fallen in love and is getting married this summer! The stars are in alignment for so many. I’m thankful for my immediate family,and the family who sprung me…who I get to see in APril.. Photos are numerous but getting them seen is beyond my training. I am on Facebook now…so that’s quite easy to do and catch up with everyone’s lives. RIck and Marshall are doing the MOVIE… life is good. I miss my Jersey Boys Family… but they go on and on….love and Happy New Year

ps if you’re reading this

ps if I haven’t written you all back, it’s because I keep losing my password and username, and forgot them completely for my other email if you need to write me speedily go to facebook, until I can bother Dale and SUsie again for my mistaken identity.

christmas vacation has begun

So Harrison got out at noon and the Christmas break has officially begun. He and TIm are staying in tonight and i’m off to a Christmas party in Altadena at a lovely 2nd grade parents house. I wish Tim were going too as we had planned, but Harrison is so tired from a day of parties and play dates , so to bring him to another place to play and basketball practice begins tomorrow. AHH such is the life of a 7 year old.
To me a party starting at 8 pm these days seems late. It’s pitch black, and raining right now and all the Christmas lights and decorations are alit and the heat is on and I’m hungry and I don’t know how dressy to be and it’s a grab bag gift party and I ‘m new to the school…ah life could be harder I guess.
I ‘m excited to get my photo s back from my commercial agents and see what they liked and get them blown up and possibly do some surgery without anesthesia in photo shop…lol…
Please, Ive never been the ingenue, always her best friend or crazy co worker. ANyway let the festivities begin…photos maybe to c ome..but also go on Facebook, as I recently joined..

my mama told me i had to write this

My mom asked me what I wanted for CHristmas today. Now granted, I called her when I was folding laundry, cooking mac n cheese with canned chili, and baking AUnt Annie’s pretzel sticks, from last years School Bake Sale..and chopping pre washed spinach, and tomatoes , and sauteeing broccoli in garlic and oil…and all in a spastic ADDDDDDDDDDDD manner. I said I’d love to find a vacuum that I could wear as a backpack and have a lightweight to clean better the 3 floor townhouse we live in. I thought I’d than consider myself to be a better housewife/mom if I had that. I still have never learned to mop a floor…and I usually wait to really clean the house till when I have extra $$$ and I call our fabulous duo team that makes this place shine.
I do clean the toilet, sink and kitchen daily FYI.
Anyway that’s all I can really think of right now, besides a commercial or tv gig in btwn the cleanings. xoxo Happy Belated thanksgiving



I finally got the nerve to write my blog creator Dale, to get my username, password, etc…for this wonderful site. See, we changed our computer and thus lost vital info. Life is good but busy.

Auditions have picked up and some are very funny and interesting..we’ll see..what transpires. Harrison is in 2nd grade and very busy …he started reading Diary of A Wimpy Kid…though it’s above his ‘LEXILE LEVEL” we are encouraging him because he loves reading it SSR (Silent Sustained Reading) and carrying it around or walking with us Saturday night in Old town Pasadena, reading like a little old man. He had read 95 pages by the following morning.. I asked him questions..and there’s somethings he doesn’t understand, or pronounces incorrectly, like I had to say it was Diary, not Diarrhea, but hey he’s 7 and a little HAM. that’s Harrison Anthony Morales..

Congratulations to my JERSEY BOYS COMPANY in NY …celebrating 5 years on Broadway.. I couldn’t be more proud , happy and joyful for all those involved. It blows my mind to think that I was/am a piece of that amazing tapestry.. And Rick Elice throwing the fans a party?????????? Come on? Who knows a kinder, humbler, deathly funnier man? Alright photos eventually to come. I am on Facebook now…finally…and still learning to multitask in all areas of life… blah blah blah

school has sprung

so Harrison started 2nd grade last thursday. I feel like I’m living the fears and anxieties of all new people, and expectations, and smells, and sounds and scariness anew. THat’s how I feel with each new show, or project. I love getting the news I booked it, and than am scared to death to actually show up and begin… He’s so vulnerable, and talking really loudly at school the 1rst day, to share who he is…in a few minutes I head to the 1rst mandatory meeting where the entire parent body will attend, and after head to our teachers classroom..Ms. Ferris, who is a sweetheart …but TIm is with Harrison at his 1rst soccer practice with yet another new , unknown group of kids. I’m very proud of him, and pray constantly he’ll find out who he is, make incredible , loyal , good hearted friends, find his gifts, not give up on his weaknesses, pray I would have a sense of humor more than a rigid heart, and Tim and I would help him thrive and become all God yearns for him to be.
I also would like to book a job..

2nd grade starts Wednesday

ok we’re back from 5 days in Florida with Harrisons grandparents. We had a great time even flying in on the redeye with 4 hrs sleep..but we caught up. I took walks early in the morning, but still was drenched after 1 mile, due to their amazing humidity!
Than a welcome dinner at Harrisons new school, shopping for his school uniform, play dates, me shopping for a new photographer, reading about HEathers engagement, preparing for a speaking/singing engagement, auditions in between, praying for Wanda’s little niece callie, and pam and those seeking work…and joining FACEBOOK. Life is busy people. Actually I still can’t believe summer break is over, and how i’ve still not managed to multitask anybetter. enough for now, harrisons up..


Thank goodness I don’t have a daily column. Summer is flying by and I don’t know where it went. I was in Michigan once with Tim and Harrison and we had a great 2 weeks,and than I had to suddenly fly back for my godmother and aunt Anne’s funeral, to sing and just be present to celebrate her beautiful life, and death. When Harrison, Tim and I drove up north in Michigan to share the day with her, she was all smiles, and asking me to choose some snow angels (the kind you turn upside down ,and than return and snow sprinkles the scene) to bring home. SHe had tons, and it felt weird as she was right there, but I chose the Guardian ANgel one, as that’s the day I was born ,Oct 2nd Guardian Angel day. SHe had a beautiful singing voice. Operatic and trained and supported me my entire life. WHen I talked with her that day, she wasn’t afraid to die, and she said she felt close to GOd and that she felt His sweet ,comforting
spirit/presence close to her, and she kept describing it as ‘so sweet”. I’ll never forget that and her surrendering smile even while breathing in oxygen.
We’re so thankful we got to spend such quality time with her. And when I went back for the funeral , it was nice spending time alone with my mom and dad .I have to leave in a few minutes for Harrisons SOCCER CAMP at the ROsebowl all week. It’s so hot, but he’s never played before so we signed him up. And he starts a new school for 2nd grade this year, and is so excited to make his 1rst COmmunion..
He’s doing really well and is now about 4’3. watch out mama. Also right after camp we drive to LAX to pick up 2 of my nephews Nate, and Joseph and their sister Emily , who will be here for a week. Harrison is singing rock songs he made up right now.. I think he saw 1 or 2 episodes of BIg TIme RUsh, and is hooked. We never watch tv with I have no idea…Alright..and my friend , long lost friend, Heather Ferguson is coming home soon from her time at Jersey BOys.. Can’t wait. and now Sara Schmidt is the only original Jersey GIrl. You go girl
Ps I had a 3 hr callback the other day and it went really well, got down to 3 of us, and than we had to dance… the character had a stroke and was also a triathalon competitor, so when I couldn’t get the dance, I said’you know i just had the stroke, and before this I was a major dancer , so I’m having trouble…” they laughed and my friend Leslie a dancer got the part. tootles


Yes my just turned 7 year old son looked me point blank in the face and said, “whatever” after I told him,”no, he could not wear his too small by now, Ironman costume under his school uniform”.

I said, “what did you say?” And he started making excuses,and saying how his friends say it, and me replying, “I don’t care what they say, you are not to say that in reply to me or dad, or any adults. However, if someone is bothering or teasing you than, yes by all means, answer whatever to shut them up”.. Is that confusing ??

My friend and I went to the screening of EAT LOVE pray…and we were talking to a very interesting woman on my right, and suddenly out of nowhere she said “you need to be writing. You have this gift and it’s lying dormant and you’re empty inside without using it/she than proceeded to read my friend …very correctly…and told us she was a prophet.. but not in a weird way..her daughter was to her left, and used to her mom, feeling a pull/pain in her neck and having to share this insight with the ‘caught off guard’ recipient. Hmmm. so that’s why i’m writing very quickly,and before Tim and Harrison return from baseball.

PS his bday was fun..i’ll write more…i hope ..soon..very soon…don’t want to die inside …peow…

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