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Mom’s big birthday

Mom and Dad

Me with Mom and Dad

Jody, Joey, me, Jan, and Jill the kids of Jackie and Joe

The whole Naimo clan

Well, last Monday on my day off, I headed to LaGuardia Airport bright and early to fly to Grand Rapids, Michigan to surprise my Mom on her big birthday. Everyone in the family knew except my Mom and Dad. I don’t know how 17 nieces and nephews, three sisters, and one brother kept in a secret. I don’t like to fly, and I like to call my parents before getting on the plane and when landing so they pray for me and I can hear their voices…so it was hard not doing this little ritual of mine. But, I did talk to my husband Tim and my sister Jody, who works at the airport in GR, and they helped me immensely, along with my brother-in-law John, who works for Nwest airlines, get me there when everything was delayed going there and getting back.

My folks were shocked to see me and I told them it was their bday, anniversary and Christmas present combined. We went to a great restaurant and took up the whole back room with 30 of us. I love my family and wanted to stay so much longer. I was a nervous wreck trying to get back to NY before the show Tuesday night. Everything was delayed, and Detroit had a fuel farm fire??? Anyway, I made it and it was well worth it…Here are some photos of my family.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas!!!!!!!!

All I can say is wow..We were mesmerized by her beauty. She was taller than I had imagined and tiny and gorgeous!!! All the girls were transfixed and we apologized for staring at her. But she was completely comfortable with the ogling. She said the minute the lights went down she was transfixed and wanted to be up on stage again. If we’re lucky, she’ll be on Bway again soon. Michael Douglas is so handsome and warm. Both of them graciously put us at ease and made it a point to compliment us individually. Bruce Glickas, from Broadway.Com took the photos…so hopefully they’ll be on that site soon.

Also to come–photos of my 14-hour?? trip home to Michigan this past Monday to surprise my mom on her birthday. Almost all of my 17 nieces and nephews were there along with my brother and sisters and mom and dad. It was so wonderful being home for that short time…photos soon…

Jersey Boys Cast Signs Over 400 Posters

Cast signing JB posters for Bway Cares

JLY and Christian Hoff signing

In between shows Wednesday our stage managers, Michelle and Michael nourished us with tons of Italian food from Luigi’s as we signed over 400 posters for the upcoming Bway Cares Equity Fights AIDS campaign starting this weekend. For six weeks all the Bway shows ask the patrons to contribute whatever they can to help fight aids, care for those men, women and children afflicted with AIDS, and also to support and fund the fight against breast cancer. We will be selling buttons with show slogans on them and the signed posters…and the four boys will be doing special signings and photos also after the show to help raise money.

Jersey Boys Cast Performs for Baron Funds Group at Lincoln Center

Well, this morning the entire cast was invited to perform 55 minutes of Jersey Boys to the Baron Funds group. The city of NY chose our show, which was the first time any show has participated. In the past Elton John and Cher have performed. We all wore black and were in a state of the art huge tent, and their were food stations set up everywhere for the guests, so as they chewed and watched we did the first act, sans props, costumes, lighting…It was actually a lot of fun. At the other tent, Bernadette Peters was performing at the same time. I would have loved to watch her. I caught a little of her run thru, and she sounded amazing as usual. Kristin Chenoweth was to be after us, in the lobby of the Met, I believe, and the surprise guest for the group was to be Billy Crystal.

Michael Longoria was on as Frankie, and Steve Gouveia as Nick and they were simply marvelous. The 4 boys sounded so good, even at 10 in the morning for our sound check. We all sat in chairs on stage until our numbers, or scenes came up. The entire band was on stage with us and, I could see that both the cast and band (along with the audience) really enjoyed watching the show again…We haven’t been able to see each other perform since rehearsal. It’s a great group of people..we all feel blessed.

All of the patrons were running up to us afterwards to ask for tickets. I said I can’t even get my family tickets…anyway till next chat..

Diana Ross at Jersey Boys

Diana Ross

Last night, we had the pleasure of meeting Miss Diana Ross after our performance. I try not to look out in the audience during the show until the finale. And I hate to know if anyone “famous” is out in the house for a performance, at least until the 2nd Act. It makes me self-conscious and takes me out of being Mary or the other characters.

But this time, we had advance notice she would be out there and desiring photos with the cast after the show. Well, my eyes went right her in the audience. She was wearing all white and the silhouette of her hair was glorious. She was so complimentary and gracious and funny. She said she knew every song, and Bob Gaudio happened to be there last night, along with our amazing writers Rick Elice and Marshall Brickman. Bob Crewe had seen the show the previous night and he’s always so upbeat and enthusiastic.

We are really blessed to be surrounded by such amazingly gifted giants, with huge hearts and gentle humility. I love that quality in any person.

Tomorrow’s my birthday!!!

Well, one more show today, and then the Jersey Girls are going out tonight to celebrate my birthday, as well as some of the female hair and wardrobe b-days that went by. My favorite food is Mexican…so tonight will be fun…Pictures to follow. At yesterday’s matinee, we met and had photos with John Stamos (“Full House,” “ER”). He was a sweetheart, and graciously complimented each of us on our performances. His girlfriend was a doll, too. I told her I didn’t know who was prettier–her or John, she pointed to him…

I also got to visit with my friend from my Grease days. Deborah Gibson. She was directly across the street watching Hairspray, as she’s friends with Haylie Duff. At intermission, she texted me to pop my head out, so I did from my dressing room and we yelled back and forth, right as John Stamos was re-entering for Act 2. Deborah said he asked her, “What are you doing Deb, audiitoning for the show?” Later at the second show, Deborah came by to say hi to me, Daniel and John. She heads back to LA to do South Pacific in Fresno,Ca (where my husband hails from) and had just come from singing on “Fox and Friends,” so she looked gorgeous. This woman never stops working, writing, singing–she’s tireless and has a huge heart…Off to show..