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school has sprung

so Harrison started 2nd grade last thursday. I feel like I’m living the fears and anxieties of all new people, and expectations, and smells, and sounds and scariness anew. THat’s how I feel with each new show, or project. I love getting the news I booked it, and than am scared to death to actually show up and begin… He’s so vulnerable, and talking really loudly at school the 1rst day, to share who he is…in a few minutes I head to the 1rst mandatory meeting where the entire parent body will attend, and after head to our teachers classroom..Ms. Ferris, who is a sweetheart …but TIm is with Harrison at his 1rst soccer practice with yet another new , unknown group of kids. I’m very proud of him, and pray constantly he’ll find out who he is, make incredible , loyal , good hearted friends, find his gifts, not give up on his weaknesses, pray I would have a sense of humor more than a rigid heart, and Tim and I would help him thrive and become all God yearns for him to be.
I also would like to book a job..