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Well Spring break is almost over with. And my good friend just invited Harrison to his 1rst sleepover with her son and Harrisons schoolmate.So she had her hands full last nite. I’m not sure when he’s returning today so I’m writing this really quick, and going running. We spent the Easter break with Tims family. Fresno was cold in comparison with LA. So it’s nice to be back home. Last nite Tim and I had our own movie night and I made 3 batches of popcorn and we watched Precious. So moving and real and sad and we’re so thankful for what we have .

Auditions are very sloooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww right now, so I need to clean our house better …lol. Now I have no excuses. My friends Wanda and Pam, on the East coast just saw Rick and Marshalls show The Adams Family…and loved it.! They said the audience went wild, like with Jersey BOys…and Rick was as warm and unpretentious after the show and charming , as he always is. I miss all of them.

ok no new news yet other than hello ,Happy spring…and may the economy shape up quickly for everyones sake..otherwise you’ll be able to dine off my kitchen floor soon.