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Family and more family

Well, this has been three solid fantastic weeks of family coming and going. First my niece Emily and her gma Mary were here for a week. They stayed mid town at a sweet boutique hotel that you can make your own latte or cappucino (for free)!!! The Amsterdam Court. I loved visiting!!! Then as they left, my little sister came that same day, saw the show last Tuesday, I visited her on my day off in New Jersey(she was staying with her best friend Heather…a true Jersey girl) and so I got a taste of New Jersey…Howell, NJ. Then Tim came for two and a half days and I won’t see him again till May!! When I take my 2nd week of vacation, I’m going to my mom and dad’s house in Michigan to film a new children’s video and Tim will be learning a new heart and lung machine in Ann Arbor, Michigan for his job at LA Children’s Hospital, and I happen to be home for my niece Jessica’s wedding to her finance Mike…She is #2 of 17 of my nieces and nephews.

Tim and I made a day trip to Coney Island…for those of you who aren’t familiar with Coney Island …it’s a hopping summer beach, boardwalk bonanza and a freezing cold, deserted ghost town in January…But actually it was really cool and cold and we had a blast. That night we celebrated at Rosa Mexicana with table side guacamole, homemade corn tortillas and chips and their trademark pomegranate margaritas.. I had 2 orders of guacamole which did not help my already messed up stomach problem that forced me out of the show Sunday…but sometime you have to suffer for your art. Enjoy the photos.

Coldest day so far

Well, it’s officially winter. They say it feels like 6 degrees out…so cold. Anyway, it’s been a great few weeks. Last week, my niece Emily and her gma Mary from Grand Rapids, Mich were in town for a week. Emily has seen the show a few times, but always finds something new. The day she left, my youngest sister Jody flew in to see the show, but also spent time with her best friend, Heather, a true Jersey girl, who’s a sweetheart and has gone through a very trying year, losing her young sister-in-law. I so appreciate my family coming to see the show at these prices. And all of you…I don’t know how you do it.

Danny Aiello and his beautiful wife Sandy were at the show and he was so kind, and tall and specific about each individual’s work…believe me , I’m so touched when people find something good to say to each person It’s so generous and considerate.. Thank you, Mr. Aiello for making my night, and calling me “Kiddo.”

Last night, we met the one and only Ann Reinking who was so striking and warm. She said she was the one crying and laughing her heart out. She was so moved by the show, and it was such an honor to meet her. As I was barreling out the door, Caroline Rhea stopped me and paid me such a specific compliment that I stuttered saying, “Coming from you, that is quite an honor.” I spotted her at the curtain call ‘cuz she absolutely sparkled, and I saw her co-host that morning on “Regis.” She will also be hosting the “Rockers” event…which will be a hoot.

I’m discovering that the most talented, gifted actors and celebrities are usually the most generous and warm in greeting us after. It’s very interesting…Thank you to everyone that comes and supports and enjoys our show. I know we feel very blessed to be a part of it.

Jersey Boys 500th Celebration at Cafe Ciello

Well, leave it to Rick Elice, Marshall Brickman, Bob Gaudio and Frankie Valli to throw the cast an amazing party at Cafe Ciello last night. It was every actors dream…unlimited food, appetizers, drinks and fun. SO much fun…Bob Gaudio’s daughters Danielle and Lisa were both there with their husbands/finances and kids…and I got to catch up with them and Judy Gaudio who I just adore. Bob and Judy have been with the tour in San Francisco and just returned to NY four days ago. So good to have them back. Our assistant choreographer and her husband Ed, a screenwriter, have just moved to NY from California..and she will be there to keep the show in shape now, which is fantastic as she is too.

There were tons of appetizers, any drink/drinks you desired and an endless open pasta bar. The boys were filming a mock documentary about the Red Dirt Band breaking up. The Red Dirt Band consists of our fabulous drummer Kevin Dow, his brother on guitar, Ken Dow, Hoops on piano and asstant conductor and Steve Gouveia who also plays guitar and acts in the show and our base Joe Payne. They were the central band for us in LaJolla and Des transported them to Broadway..they are irreplaceable. Also Rick Elice wrote a moving poem to describe our journey it was wonderful…and we had a surprise visit from Titus Burgess who is pure sunshine…Enjoy the photos.

Deborah Gibson and her mom Diane attend for the 2nd time

Deborah and her mom Diane came again to the show. They also came last year for Diane’s birthday and this was her birthday present from Deborah. Deborah and I did Grease! together on the road before coming to NY. She was Rizzo and I was Frenchy. I’ll never forget when I joined their company after the previous Frenchy was leaving and Deborah had an engagement the night I opened and I hardly knew her yet, but she gave me tons of beautiful MAC makeup in color schemes befitting Frenchy. Needless to say you get a taste right there of her generous heart and beautiful, genuine spirit. Whenever she’s in NY she comes and visits backstage..and the cast has gotten to know and love her as well. This girl has perfect pitch, can write a song over a cup of coffee and assign harmony parts for all of you in a single breath. She’s also one of the hardest working, most joyful actors I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with. Thanks for coming Deborah and happy birthday Diane.


Well I’m packing and getting ready to move to another sublet. My current subletee is returning from the Lion King Tour. I’ve loved living here and walking to work. But on New Years Eve when I came home, I went to the kitchen sink to fill up my steamer (I try to steam nightly) and out of the corner of my eye I see this mouse jumping from the water, hot, scalding water, he was being flooded and instead of me turning off the water in a logical way, I jumped on a chair and squealed not knowing what to do, watching this poor little mouse trying to escape. Finally I grabbed a whole foods plastic bag, after turning off the water, and saw he wasn’t moving. I placed him in the bag and gently threw him down the trash chute.

I felt awful and I was shaking from adrenaline, and from SEEING A MOUSE IN MY KITCHEN SINK!!!!!!!!. I felt so bad until an hour later I saw another little creature running across my floor, and then an hour after that, while on the toilet, another, maybe the same one, run through the bathroom…Yipes! I hardly slept…the next day I bought huge plastic boxes to put my clothes in, that were in my suitcase on the floor…I didn’t spot any mice, thankfully the next day, but yesterday morning, I went back to the same sink, and there was another little mouse, DEAD, in my strainer/drainer…Needless to say, I’m ready to move…I refuse to put those glue traps down, because they cry really loudly when caught, and the next place best not have mice.