Jersey Boys

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“…Jennifer Naimo has a marvelous earthiness as Valli’s wife.”

“…Jennifer Naimo has a delightful spunkiness as Valli’s wife Mary Delgado. Her duet of “My Eyes Adored You,” with Mr. Young is movingly sung when the couple is divorcing.”

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“…Jennifer Naimo, Erica Piccininni, and Sara Schmidt make good impressions in multiple roles.”

Frankie later changes his last name to Vally, and then to Valli. His bossy future wife, Mary Delgado (Jennifer Naimo), suggests the switch. “You’re Italian,” she says. “You’ve got to end with a vowel.”

Cabaret Scenes

Most notable is Mary Delgato (Jennifer Naimo), Valli’s first wife. When they lose their 22-year-old daughter in a drug-related death, Valli, who, throughout the show, indicated a special affection for this youngest child, moves into another layer of maturity.

The Full Monty

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And speaking of the women, there’s also fine work here from Jennifer Naimo as Dave’s long-suffering wife Georgie…

The Pennsylvania State University

Jennifer Naimo shines as Dave’s supportive wife Georgie.

Dave, depressed by joblessness and self-conscious about his enormous belly, can’t bring himself to be intimate with his wife, who is played with tremendous gusto by Jennifer Naimo.


Jennifer Naimo as Dave’s wife, Georgie, flies onstage at the play’s beginning like a wickedly animated Raggedy Ann doll, but she brings a quiet tenderness to her scenes with Dave.

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