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Yes my just turned 7 year old son looked me point blank in the face and said, “whatever” after I told him,”no, he could not wear his too small by now, Ironman costume under his school uniform”.

I said, “what did you say?” And he started making excuses,and saying how his friends say it, and me replying, “I don’t care what they say, you are not to say that in reply to me or dad, or any adults. However, if someone is bothering or teasing you than, yes by all means, answer whatever to shut them up”.. Is that confusing ??

My friend and I went to the screening of EAT LOVE pray…and we were talking to a very interesting woman on my right, and suddenly out of nowhere she said “you need to be writing. You have this gift and it’s lying dormant and you’re empty inside without using it/she than proceeded to read my friend …very correctly…and told us she was a prophet.. but not in a weird way..her daughter was to her left, and used to her mom, feeling a pull/pain in her neck and having to share this insight with the ‘caught off guard’ recipient. Hmmm. so that’s why i’m writing very quickly,and before Tim and Harrison return from baseball.

PS his bday was fun..i’ll write more…i hope ..soon..very soon…don’t want to die inside …peow…

another star wars birthday

Harrison Hiking

Hi all

Well Harrison is turning 7 on May 9th, which falls on MOTHERS DAY this year. But we’re inviting all the boys and some boys from baseball/tball to his bash on Saturday at……CHUCK E CHEESE!!!!!! LOL

He really wanted his party on the actual day but I told him everyone will be with their mom’s so …no.And on Thursday I’m bringing 3 large pizzas and cupcakes, and juice boxes to his school for celebrating his bday at their lunch hour. So,that’s what I’m doing this week. And still trying to narrow down a photographer for new headshots for my other job…acting..

Happy Mothers day to all you moms and would be moms, and moms in training. I honor and bless my Mom and really stand amazed at all she has done and does for me and her ducklings. I LOVE YOU MOM…