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Kevin Costner Dances With Us

Kevin Costner and I

Kevin Costner didn’t really dance with us, but he did come backstage with his two lovely daughters and friends to take some pictures and meet us. He is so handsome up close and I let him know that, in case he didn’t. He’s very tall, too, as you can see in our photo together. It was a thrill meeting him. He is very humble and loved the show. We also saw John Hurley (“Dancing With The Stars”, Mr. Peterman on “Seinfeld”) in the audience with his wife, but he didn’t come backstage.

A lot of celebrities choose not to…they’re either shy or on their way to dinner??? Alright I’m off to do two shows…Jennifer

Richard (Johnboy) Thomas

Richard Thomas and I

A few nights ago, Richard Thomas and his sweet wife Georgianna came to Jersey Boys. Imagine my delight when I heard,” Jennifer, you have guests to see you…Richard Thomas.” I worked with Richard at Williamstown Theatre Festival in the ’80′s. I was hired to do the Cabaret after the Mainstage theatre shows. So, Richard and I were teamed up to sing “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

This was his first time singing live, so he eagerly wanted to rehearse that number over and over and always at 200%. I loved working with him, and had a secret, innocent crush on him, because of his enthusiasm and talent. Well, it ended up that they changed the end of the song so that I actually stay with him…Happy Ending!!

Anyway, jump to 2006, and I ran into Richard with my husband, Tim at Starbucks while he was in A Naked Girl on the Appian Way play, and we had just opened. He promised to catch the show when he could, and he kept his word. He was about to leave for the tour of Twelve Angry Men on the road for 8 months…so, if it’s coming to your town catch it..I promise he will be wonderful. He was so gracious to the cast on meeting them, too and he and his wife loved the show.


Well it was so exciting walking down Broadway…with smiling policemen and crowds gathering for Broadway on Broadway. We had to meet at the ABC studios on 44th St…and all the Bway shows were gathered in one holding room, which also housed two huge screen TV’s (to watch the show going on outside) and two lengthy tables of FREE food and beverages…every actors dream…

It was so fun hanging out with the other 24 shows. We all usually have the same performing schedule so we hardly see each other except if making plans after the show. I met Donny Osmond, Constantine Mar??? you know from two years ago American Idol…both very sweet. Also LaChanze, Harry Groener, Christine Ebersole, Eden Espinoza, Martin Short, Alan Zweibel (who I did Bunny Bunny with and wrote Billy Crystals one man show and helped Martin short that day) Diane DeGarmo, Hayley Duff, Will Chase, Jenn Collela, and a slew of amazing Bway talent were all in the same room…and Marc Shaiman (who I auditioned for years ago for the Sister Act movie).

When we got on stage to sing “Oh, What A Night”…it was like being a rockstar. You felt you could do no wrong but just have joy, and show your love to all those who came out to see this great event. Thank you everyone for being there. I had a riot…They say 50.000 people were supposedly expected…I couldn’t keep count after 325.

Jersey Boys Records A Tune For Christmas Carols For A Cure CD

Well, I just got home from our alloted time slot to record our version of “O Holy Night.” Our musical director ROn Melrose arranged it via email as he’s away getting The Wiz at LaJolla Playhouse into shape. We lost our beloved Titus Burgess to that production, but at least we know Ron is returning in a few weeks. Titus is playing the Lion…

Most of the cast volunteered to do the recording. All the Broadway shows are invited to choose a song and come and record it. It’s always interesting to sing about Christmas when it’s 80 degrees outside. But there were 10 solos in our song, so almost everyone got to sing a line or two solo. It will be fun to hear the completed version near Christmas. And then, all of the proceeds from the sales of the Bway CD will again go to help men, women and children with AIDS.

Tomorrow, we have rehearsal too for a rendition of OH WHAT A NIGHT that we’ll perform at TImes Square,11:30AM, this Sunday the 10th for “Broadway on Broadway”..we’re #9 to perform. And, Matthew Scott will be performing the Bob Gaudio solo lead on it as Daniel Reichard is on vacation. Don’t look for the Jersey Girls to be wearing their skimpy brothel outfits..we will be more casual and clothed ..possibly in our Jersey Boys’ bowling shirts. Hope to see you all there..Jennifer