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the only reason i’m writing

Is because my computer saved this site miraculously,and I was too embarrassed to tell Dale yet again I can’t remember my password. Ok January 2011. New photos, new auditions, new 2nd grade madness…soccer is done, basketball has begun,baseball signups last week, and football in our house. ANd this year Harrison makes his 1rst Communion so it’s a very special year…
My best friend here in LA,who’s been thru so much and would give you the shirt off her back,has fallen in love and is getting married this summer! The stars are in alignment for so many. I’m thankful for my immediate family,and the family who sprung me…who I get to see in APril.. Photos are numerous but getting them seen is beyond my training. I am on Facebook now…so that’s quite easy to do and catch up with everyone’s lives. RIck and Marshall are doing the MOVIE… life is good. I miss my Jersey Boys Family… but they go on and on….love and Happy New Year