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YES 97 degrees daily, but still it reminds you everywhere ,that it’s the HAPPIEST PLACE IN THE WORLD..And it was a great time. We drove to the hotel early and they had a king size suite ready for us at 8 30 in the morning. (I had free points accumulated from my year in The Full Monty, so it was FREE!!!)

The hotel was lovely, and the free breakfast was wonderful for big morning eaters..And there was a free shuttle to we saved so much just there.

The minute we arrived, we headed for the STAR WARS JEDI TRAINING ACADEMY.I had made a sign for Harrison saying something like, “My name is Harrison. I’m 6 years old, and I’ve been practicing daily to become a Jedi .Please Pick Me.

Tim and I were so nervous, wanting so badly for him to be picked. I was coaching him like a stage mom to jump up and down and wave his sign. Well they did choose him and some other boys and girls. they robed them . He was on the top stage, so excited. The master Jedi came out and gave them light sabers and taught them a routine…than suddenly they had to flee the stage, because DARTH VADER started rising up from below…Well than he was 3 rd in line to fight DARTH VADER.

Harrison  looked petrified, but he couldn’t back away.. the master coached him as he approached the 10 foot tall Vader who said’The force is strong with this one.: “left shoulder, right shoulder, left leg, right leg, duck….good job..” Harrison was victorious and later received his certificate that he’s now a Jedi…that set the tone for the rest of the day . Thank God.

Tim also got him a Jedi outfit he was begging for.  Unfortunately the next thing we did was SPace Mountain. I now have an inkling what being pregnant might feel like. And TIm too. lol

But we were there from opening until almost midnight,a nd returned to do California Adventure at 10 the following day, where Harrison loved, and I ended up doing 5 times with him, since it threw TIms body off…California Screaming…1rst thing in the morning. holy cow.

ANyway we took lots of photos and videos.. so they’ll be up soon.

AUdition and work wise it’s been so slow for me. But today Harrison has a Toysrus audition..thru my friend.. lol

At least someone has some action.

4th of July

Well we had a great day yesterday. We left at 9 15 am to go to the neighborhood fire station to meet Harrison’s classmate Christopher and his mom Trish, and we had a pancake breakfast. It was packed! Than the fire trucks were parked outside for the kids to explore,and at 11 the parade started. We felt like we were in Mayberry as it had such a hometown feel.

We kept pushing the kids to run into the street whenver the parade people threw water or candy. They found balloons and flags, and we followed the caboose of the parade to its resting place at a gorgeous park…where we stayed till 5 at night, left for dinner,and arrived at the high school football field for jazz,and fireworks ,and to our surprise 3 huge bounce houses. This was worth the price of admission.

Harrison danced to the music and was in awe of the bright display of fireworks .We finally arrived home after 10 am and he slept for almost 11 hours.He actually ordered salad with his cheeseburger and fries , because his friend didn’t want any vegetables. Mind you, Harrison has never had salad in his life…but he ate some of it…just to outdo his friend.

We had a great time..and tomorrow starts his 2nd week of Intro to 1rst grade. His favorite part is art and recess. lol