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once a midwest girl ,always a midwest girl

Well we just returned from 8 glorious days in Michigan with my family. Tim and I stayed with my parents.We were supposed to arrive late Friday night ,around 11 but ,of course got in closer to 1 am. Our connecting flight flew out of we waited to board it,I watched as the ‘maintenance worker’ and 2 pilots repeatedly walked over to one of the airplanes wings and than back inside the plane,and than out again to inspect that wing, knock on it, run their hand over a questionable area…this made me feel so secure and eager to fly …NOT…we finally boarded ,taxied to our position,and on the way to that spot,it sounded like we had a flat tire or something,and all of us just nervously looked at each other,we than waited some more and watched as all these other planes took off,mind you ,I hit my head at least 3 times in this plane before sitting down,and I’m 5’3,and in the bathroom the sink was taped up because their was no running water,only those KFC handiwipes…finally the plane started gunning its engine ONLY to do a U turn back to the terminal..”Hello this is Commander …we have a slight problem,you may have heard…our hydraulic automatic steering? is not working,now we don’t always need this,and the warning light is on,but we’re going to have this looked at,and hope to have the problem solved soon.”

I want to get off this tiny little thing and after awhile go up to the one flight attendant to ask if we can de-board..and he re- assures me that he’s worked here over 38 years,and not to worry.,,etc..and than after about 20 minutes the pilot comes back on and tells us ,its showing up on his screen as a problem,but the equipment seems to be working fine…I’m not convinced..Suddenly after more waiting, I see one of the pilots coming to the back of the plane to use the 1 bathroom, when he’s finished ,I stop him and grill him on what s wrong,and how I saw them examining the plane before we got on etc…he proceeds to tell me, he’s not one to take chances..and he could fly it,but it’s more work for him,a nd the flight home was going to be another 3 and a half hours, but now by leaving later (a real blessing in disguise) we’re going to fly towards Oklahoma,and than cut over straight to Michigan,thus avoiding all the thunderstorms and tornado activity…and the flight will not be as long as what they had mapped out for them. And he wants to get home safely too. Needless to say I felt a bit better,and enjoyed his honesty…

When we did take off again, over an hour later, that same noise occurred but we got up safely and we did fly in the middle of two storms. I always pray that we don’t leave if there’s anything wrong..and that our Guardian Angels protect and cover us from all angles..and get us up there, and clear the paths of storms…and by golly they came thru again…and the storms were majestic and beautiful and the lightning all around us was spectacular and awesome and scary…but we rode smoothly thru it,as on angels wings…and safely landed to my dad ( he thankfully told my mom to get some sleep ) and sister Jody there to greet us at the airport… Thank God …

MORE TO COME OF THE ACTUAL reliving this tired me

michigan here i come

I’m going back to Michigan Friday with Tim for a week. One of my 17 nieces and nephews are getting married..and we’re staying with my Mom and should be so nice.

I just went in for a series regular role on a new HBO show.. It was a riot.. we’ll see what happens. tomorrow I go in for a new MTV docu/comedy…very silly…should be fun too.

I had a 2 hour interview with a fantastic man, Michael Sterling, who runs Sterlings Upstairs at Vitello’s in LA. It’s a new cabaret/supper club room. I would have to re-think my cabaret from NYC as it doesn’t demand a full band here and I would have to guarantee at least 60 people…it holds 90. Very classy. They have a 4 course dinner first, and then the cabaret follows..after the chewing, and dishes are cleared…something to ponder.

alright grand rapids here we come..