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Christmas time in the City

Well on Christmas day I got up early and walked to St Malachy’s, the Actors Chapel, in Times Square for Christmas Mass. After mass I jogged for a short spell in Central Park to prepare for my Christmas meal. Peter Gregus, our wonderful Bob Crewe, invited a few homeless cast members over for a sumptuous dinner. I was in charge of the appetizers and so Peter had to instruct me on the different cheeses that were needed. I had a great time at Fairway and Zabars posing questions to the frommagers (sp?) about the best mild, hard, semi-hard and stiltons…I also brought humus, sun dried tomatoes, pate and crackers. Aaron provided a lovely Italian champagne, perseco?? and that was just appetizers. Peter had perfectly timed out the dinner. We began with a procini risotto, proceeded to a tri colore salad with a blood orange vinagerette, pan roasted potatoes, green beans, turnips, parsnips, carrots and pearl onions and the most tender and juicy prime rib I’ve ever devoured. Steve Gouveia was in charge of the wine and perfectly complimented each course (even a red Portugese wine to celebrate his heritage). Michelle Bosch provided her amazing array of baked goods…even a homemade peanut butter cup, and peppermint butter cream chocolate sandwich…and other desserts from Venero’s bakery…All in all, the meal was delicious and the company scintillating. I even fit in my costume last night. I think because I laughed so much at the entertainment from my friends. I hope your Christmas was beautiful too.

jersey boys exchange secret santa presents

Between shows yesterday we gathered in the theatre lobby and had a potluck dinner. Pizza, several different salads, chips, guacamole, humus, papa beard cream puffs, and Michelle Boschs amazing baked goods (especially the peppermint stick butter cream stuffed oversized oreo cookies!!!). Everyone who played exchanged names and for a few weeks gave each other gifts. I didn’t play this year cuz I went on vacation all last week, but I did play an elf delivering the gifts and so I knew who had who on some. It was a lot of fun. Christian Hoff’s entire family was there for Christmas. Elizabeth is beautiful at 9 weeks old. Eli and Erica performed Christmas tunes for us on the trumpet and guitar, and Daniel Reichard put on his lounge Christmas CD and danced for us. We had so much leftover food and everyone was pumped up for the 2nd show. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you and A beautiful New Year…here are a few photos…

i’m back!!!

Well I got back just in time for last nights show. I had a fantastic time with my husband TIm. It was nice playing husband and wife again. Our place in Pasadena felt like a mansion. We live in a townhouse with 3 separate floors and a 2 door garage!! Now to many of you that may seem mundane , but after living in a NY apt you really begin to appreciate space.

California was lovely. The weather in the late 60′s to mid 70′s for the week and than when we went to Fresno it was like NY weather…freezing!Tims mom turned 80 so we took a train 4 hours there , spent the weekend, and returned on Sunday night.The party was catered with fantastic gourmet food, but I cornered the chips, guacamole and 7 layer dip the entire afternoon.

His mom , Jessie, loves me singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow that I did. I followed a cowboy from the group Pioneers of the San Joachim..he serenaded Jessie and also sang a gorgeous rendition of “Mary Did You Know’ an amazing Christmas song.

My last night at home TIm and I celebrated Christmas, and New Years by having a 3 hour dining event at the Melting Pot…a cool fondue Old Town Pasadena..we got up at 4 30 am the next morning and I was on the plane at 7am…with stuffed up nose and swollen eyes(from leaving my sweetheart) ..Pictures to follow

ALso everyday I ran around the ROse Bowl which was cool cuz they were making preparations for the Rose Bowl Parade.. I love Pasadena..My first night back I went to Mexicali in Studio City with my best girlfriends Tricia and SHerry…we always celebrate our bdays there..

All in All it was a great time and now I leave for 2 shows today and in between a Christmas party at my agents.


Well, this past Monday night I was invited to be a part of Tisch on Broadway. It was a huge Gala of NYU alumni, grads and undergrad programs that honored Gerald Schoenfeld, Felicity Huffman, George C Wolfe and Tony Kushner. I initially was going to sing but so many celebrities wanted to participate that instead I presented Mr. Schoenfeld with a lifetime achievement award and than onstage presented Tony Kushner (who was in my NYU Grad Acting year as a director) his award. John Levelle (The Graduate, Burleigh Grimes) and I walked on stage together to give my award to Tony and he gave his to George C Wolfe…honoring their achievement with Caroline or Change…when Tony realized it was me he grabbed me and swooped me back in a fantastic dance move. When they introduced me…it was none other than Alec Baldwin, who said I was an NYU grad acting grad and wowing them every night as Frankie Valli’s wife in Jersey Boys.

I got to share this night with Tim, which always is perfect. Billy Crystal hosted the entire night and he was hilarious and his timing impeccable. Marc Shaiman wrote his script and students from Cap21 led by Frank Ventura in choreography and Artie Masella (Hal Prince’s 2nd hand man) in direction of the evening.

I met Felicity Huffman and her sweet, humble, enormously talented husband Bill Macy (who gave Felicity her award and such a moving, funny speech about her) Marcia Gay Harden gave Tony and George their speech. I performed with Billy Crudup, Jesse Martin, Manuel Feliciano, Jenn Gambatese, Matthew Morrison, Danny Pino (Cold Case), Victor Williams (King of Queens), Steve Kazee, David Costable, Bernie Telsey, Catherine Kellner…It was amazing. And after we were escorted to a private party at Blue Finn in the W Hotel. Clive Davis attended, Margo Lion produced it…check out the photos here and at and


Hi, Sorry I haven’t written in a bit. Let me see what has occurred since last we spoke. The Jersey Girls took Erica Piccinnini out for her bridal high tea celebration at Alice’s Tea Cup. I highly recommend this whimsical restaurant on 73rd and Columbus. Pumpkin scones, chocolate raspberry scones, assorted tiny sandwiches, and cakes..A carbo lovers wonderland! It was a sweet time and then, we proceeded to do the show in a sugar haze..

Getting ready to be part of Tisch on Broadway…an NYU Gala this Monday hosted by Billy Crystal honoring Tony Kushner (Angels in America, Caroline or Change), George C. Wolfe, and Felicity Huffman and Gerald Schoenfeld. I believe I’m presenting an award to Tony who was in my year at NYU Grad School. Michael Longoria should be singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”…and a whole slew of performers, actors are in attendance. I will tell you who was there after I meet them alright, and to top it off my husband is coming to town…Yahoo…