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Travis does Frankie

Well I made it. I took Sunday and Tuesday off from the show to fly home to LA and be with my husband,Tim…remember him? We went to a special interview…more later. I was nervous about taking the Red Eye back, One, I hate to fly. Two, it was hard to leave Tim. Three, how to rest on a plane, land at 5:00 AM and take a nap and be ready for the 2 shows. JET BLUE is the best airline. It was fun, and pretty restful, considering before we took off the pilot announced we would be going through bumpy weather ahead…(the cabin doors were already sealed, otherwise I would have run) and they give you eye shades, earplugs, lip balm and shea butter from BLISS SPA..Landed at 5:14 took LIRR to Penn then cab and in my bed at 6:30 AM till 10:30 and got ready for matinee.

I had an amazing time at home. We walked forever on the beaches in Santa Monica, and than Old Town Pasadena…had all my favorite Cheesecake Factory, than El Cholo…had enough chips, guac and nachos to fly the plane home myself on my carb intake…but worth every calorie..

Last night Travis Cloer went on for the first time as Frankie Valli. Michael Longoria did the matinĂ©e as he’s contracted to do..and does it so well..such energy and commitment..and then I kissed someone else for the evening show…lets see that’s 3 guys in one day…but Tim knows who’s the best. The whole creative team and casting team showed up to watch and support Travis and his family too. He did wonderfully and the whole cast was so enthusiastic and energized too.

Today and tomorrow we get a chance to see the final run through of the second tour of Jersey Boys..I’m going tomorrow. I loved going last year with the first tour it was fun..since I’ve never seen our show before. I hear this cast is really wonderful too..Alright off to the gym than chiropractor (which I’ve put off for over a year) but now it’s catching up with me…I’m old.

mr goodfella was here

Ray Liotta

Last night Ray Liotta and his friend Judy came backstage. He was so cool. I told him when I first got this role and was molding it in La Jolla, a dear intern, Jordan, recommended to me several films to watch for Italian women..this being so great…and come on guess who’s in it?? Anyway he said he was so touched by the show as he grew up in New Jersey and in 7th grade he and his friends would sing “Walk Like A Man”..even though they didn’t know all the words. He said he was moved many times as it brought him back…

Also we has the pleasure of meeting James Moody (Moody’s Mood) after we opened and his wife Linda came back a week ago with her sister and friend and gave me a photo of Moody, who is still going strong on the road…what a gentleman he is and his wife is beautiful inside and out..

it’s as if we’re doing 10 shows

It’s true we have an added show this Sunday night for the Actors Fund and yesterday we did a whole put in /show for our new member Colin who replaces Steve Gouveia..He did great and is a sweetheart. Also Travis Cloer was put in as Frankie…let me just say his voice is amazing!!!!! The entire cast was so enthusiastic about him and Colin..we soared thru the evening show. Colin begins Tuesday as Steve, who’s been in rehearsal with the 2nd company during the day, bids us farewell, First Titus now Steve..and we’ve been together since La Jolla, so it’s very sad. But still great for him. Not sure when Travis will be on as Frankie..but you won’t be disappointed. Des and Ron sure know what they’re doing in casting this show. I know there are a lot of “Frankies” in Frankie boot camp too. Keep up the hard sure pays off. OK I’m going to get ready for the show..I’m kinda nervous about this nor easter…didn’t we just celebrate Easter?

Heather Ferguson goes to San Fran tour cast till the 29th

Heather left today to go to Jersey Boys cast in San Francisco. Sandra Denise’s mother died. We are all so sad for Sandra and her family. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family Sandra. Heather is helping to cover the role of Lorraine and Rebecca Kupka (our vacation swing) has come in to cover for Heather while she is away. Heather should be back the 29th of Ap ril. I know she has a lot of friends coming to see her when she goes on for me the first week of May. I’m doing a film in Michigan and seeing family and Tim. My niece is also getting married. Keep Sandra in your prayers and thoughts..

Easter almost here

Well Daniel and Ericca are still out sick…Tonight Matthew Scott went on as Gaudio and did beautifully. What was neat is that his friend from college (Carnegie Mellon) was there to see him go on..and this cutie is the new Gaudio for the 2nd Nat’l. Also last night Annette Benning and Warren Beattie were spotted. I wish they came back stage. She is amazing …Also Brian Darcy James was spotted out there the same night as Steven Spielberg.

Sorry to Eddie Driscoll for spelling his name wrong…

Steve Gouveia and I walked home after last nights show. We’re going to miss him and his twisted sense of humor…but were so excited he’ll be playing a lead…Nick Massi. He says he’s getting so sad on stage realizing he’s leaving but he’s really excited about this new group of actors he’s rehearsing with…He’s rehearsing with them in the day, and after 11 weeks with them he goes in mid July to LA to join that company, and Michael Ingersol goes to the Chicago company so he can be home with his wife.

last nights show

I think a virus is hitting the community here on Bway…Daniel Reichard and Ericca Piccinnini both were out the last couple shows…Daniel has strep throat. These two rarely miss shows so it was nice to have Heather Ferguson on as Lorraine and Dominic Nolfi was on as Bob Gaudio. I love when Heather goes on…she has a fun attitude on and off stage…and her mom was in town for Easter week and got to see her in this part.

Most exciting for us and for Heather and Dom was that Steven Spielberg was at the show AGAIN!! this time with his kids. There have been rumors in the press and such that he’s being approached to direct the film version of Jersey Boys..?? He came right after we opened the show too with his wife Kate and George Lucas.

Some of the second touring company members have been coming to watch the show after their rehearsal at night…so we’re slowly beginning to meet them. Last night the Gyp DeCarlo actor came…Eddy?? Driscoll..congrats to all.

PS: Tim tapes American Idol for me (as I don’t have Tivo or a DVR) and mails me the tapes so that I get them a week later…but this time he included last weeks Law and Order…You all need to check out Christian Hoff on this limited commercial free episode. He was wonderful, moving, intense, vulnerable…excellent…Christian is one classy guy.