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august 1 tomorrow?

How is it I haven’t been on here? A little thing called facebook and real life. Life as we speak is going great. Just returned from Las Vegas after attending my good friend tricia’s wedding to david… a match made in heaven. I had the privilege of singing 2 songs at her wedding. The night before I had to cancel our hotel room ,because I got booked on The Closer and it was an evening shoot. That was a riot and a blessing all at once. I was reunited with Daniel Guzman and Julie Garnye and we laughed and reconnected in those few short hours. Thanks to the wonderful casting directors at Bruce Newberg’s office (ANi)…
Tims dad had been hospitalized for 2 weeks due to a hemotoma on both sides of his brain. It was quite a scare and we were without Tim here for almost 2 weeks. I give all you single parents a hand.. I could never do it alone… Thank God his dad is home and doing remarkably well.
ALright ideas for Harrison for this month of no school or camp??? He has tackle!!!!!!!!!! football practice at night but how to sneak in writing, math and reading and still make it fun… ??? let me know..