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hi on this last day of magnificent May

Hi, no new news except I caught Legally Blonde this morning on the View and they were wonderful. I loved that show and cannot believe it isn’t up for Best Musical for the Tony Awards. A lot of our cast got to see the final dress rehearsal and we were smiling from ear to ear. I loved the leads, but also the ensemble…I loved following the different characters they created and need to see it again to keep track of who’s who. I appreciated their work even more because of what the 3 of us women create in our show. I especially loved watching the actress Kate Weatherhead (sp??) all of her roles were honest and organic, and I adore Jerry Mitchell…He was our choreographer for the Full Monty..a joy and genius..

Every now and than I’ll add some videos via YouTube and fans…and photos of fans that send me photos of us together. Enjoy…

Cry For Me Video



Jersey Boys Are Everywhere

Hi all Still no way to reply to anyone on my normal know I”m not ignoring you. Heather Ferguson sent me this funny video. There are tons of them out there I guess. Yahoo or YouTube. We were all looking at some of these videos before the show started last night. ..and we were blown away by some of the production values, and touched that Jersey Boys is reaching and touching so many people. Keep up the videos… PS Last night I had the honor of meeting director Joe Mantello (Angels in America, Wicked) and his guest, none other than Stockard Channing (the original Rizzo, West Wing) and an incredible body of work.They could not have been more kind, humble and shy…and she is gorgeous..tiny…Are they all tiny????

Five hour rehearsal with Sergio

Jen and Glenn Close

Well, I just got home and have to head back to the show. We worked with Sergio for five hours today changing a few things in the choreography. Now I’ve been in this show since La Jolla and so it’s going to take me a bit to get this into my body…since my best dancing is done with a gun to my head, but it was actually fun. The whole cast and Sergio were in great spirits. He thought the show looked pretty good except for a few tweaks. Bobby ‘s wife Jennylyn and Geddy came by as did Jack Noseworthy and their friends from Mexico…I believe the actresses’ names were both Angelica and one is on the Spanish version of Ugly Betty and the other is their Meryl Streep equivalent. Very nice and saw the show four times already.

I’m also writing to tell everyone I can’t seem to reply to any of my emails…my computer expertise is on par with my dancing…so give me time to bring it in to get it fixed and know I’m not ignoring any of you. Also, GLENN CLOSE came to the show again last night with her new husband. He brought about 30 people from his job who work at an amazing pharmaceutical company in NJ…She is tiny, beautiful and her enthusiasm and joy fill the entire theatre. Such a pleasure to talk with her again…OK off to tonights show and try as I may I’m going to remember some of the new choreography…
Jen and Glenn Close

the real Mary Delgado

While I was away I learned from Danielle Gaudio that the real Mary Delgado, Mary Valli, passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. I only wish I could have met her face to face. I am blessed though to have met Frankie and their daughter Toni…May we do you justice on stage. Love, Jennifer

P.S. It’s an honor playing you every night.