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back to work

Last week was crazy. there was one show where Christian was the only original Season on. It was fun though, and keeps you on your toes.

I’ve been rehearsing for our Journey to Jersey Boys Cabaret which is coming up August 13th and also working on finding songs for my own cabaret which will be ???? or most likely October 28th. I find this harder than the first. In the girls cabaret, I only have to sing three songs in the context of our journey to the show. But a cabaret… I’m so tired. On the day and night I had off, we must have listened to ?? songs…Trying to find the right ones etc…It certainly is a tedious path, but I sure am discovering music I never heard before from the musical director, Chris Haberl and director Andy Gale.. I’m sure our choices will change hourly.

Alright, it’s back to New Jersey land…

the amazing Christine Lahti was here last night

I will now carry to my grave the words she spoke to me…I know I sound very dramatic..but Miss Christine Lahti was waiting outside the stage door..I passed her by, not recognizing her with her new blonde hair, lithe, tall frame and with her sweet daughter Emma. She stopped me, and graced me with very specific compliments.. which all I can say made my night and made me feel like even after doing the show for over 2 years, I was on a good path…

I had a voice over audition yesterday morning ..which I love and want more of. Early on I had one, and the director/casting director is in another room speaking into a microphone..and she’s talking , and I’m miming “I can’t hear you” and she mimes back..”put on the headphones” DUH!!!!!!!! What a novice.. I love being in there with another actor, cuz you learn so much from them. Like yesterday, I was with a make believe husband, and this guy had such a cool voice and he improvised away from the script so I just followed. who knows??? All those actors know each’s like a mysterious cool VIP room, that I get invited into every now and than..

I also had my 1st rehearsal for my own cabaret. My director Andy Gale, is much harder on me than any one else I’ve worked with. This is going to be quite the journey searching for songs.. He makes me aim high, and remember to act the lyric and not just sing American Idol riffs ( by the way that’s one of my favorite shows) any hoo..onward and upward..2 shows to go to..

our first rehearsal!

Well yesterday we had our first rehearsal for our cabaret August 13th at ARS NOVA. The 4 JERSEY GIRLS and Travis Cloer (who plays Gabe and covers Frankie) are starring in this Journey of Jersey Boys directed by Des McAnuffs former right hand asst. Holly Anne Ruggiero and the music director is Jim Abbott, who just finished md-ing Tarzan.

We went thru our song choices yesterday..and we were all so enthusiastic and impressed with each other. We never get to hear each other sing. I mean yes, we’ve heard Travis’ glorious voice when he’s on as Frankie, and Sara nightly belts to the heavens Boyfriend’s Back, but I think you’re all gonna get a kick out of being part of this.

All of the sudden a quarter way thru rehearsal, we were all texting our loved ones, saying they have to attend. I even text Tim at work, and said “try to get that weekend off and fly in. It’s going to be fun. I’ll keep you updated as rehearsals progress, but keep Monday, August 13th open…

PS I love it..this week I’m seeing lots of Vegas callback kids watching the show in the back. This is the finals..with Des being here too. Good Luck you all.

i know it’s been awhile

Nothing earth shattering to report. I went up to my rooftop on the 40th floor and had a panoramic view of 5 different firework displays going on..It was beautiful, even though it was raining. It was just me and 2 Russian girls who live here. I had no idea I could see the Empire State bldg, GE, Chrysler…Brooklyn, Queens, NJ, East River..etc..gorgeous..UNTIL the security guards came and told us we’re not allowed up here. I had my JB cap on and kept my face low, in the dark, so as not to be recognized…I tuned into the Macy’s tv show just in time to hear JLY’s amazing rendition of “WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD”

Sometimes you become immune to the talent you work with everyday..and Ron Melrose and Steve Orich arranged this rendition..and it was stunning..hearing John sing something other than our nightly songs. I left him a bday message and a congratulatory one on his work.

The 4 Jersey Girls and Travis are preparing to do a one night only cabaret, to be directed by our former ass.director Holly Anne Ruggiero. It will be in August at Ars Nova..I believe Monday the 13th..following our path to and in this show.

At the same time, I’ve begun working on my own cabaret..I’m aiming for October..when everyone is back from summer vacation..I’ll let you all know when. My dear friend and colleague, Andy Gale, will be directing it and hopefully Daniel Reichard, producing it..Andy and I did Les Miz together, and he also did Rags, Side Show, and has directed I Love You You’re Perfect Now Change, among various shows..I’m excited to start this journey.

I had a fun week of auditions too, one for a reading of a movie/to be made musical…(didn’t get it, but it was ensemble anyway, as the lead was cast and she’s great), 2 a voice over for LOREAL where I had to talk about proxylane peptides, and hydrlauric spheres…and 3 a new Paul Giamatti film…this was fun…we’ll see what God has in store….