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Richie Sambora and Jeff Goldblum Visit Jersey Boys !!!

Deborah Gibson and her mom Diane attend for the 2nd time

Deborah and her mom Diane came again to the show. They also came last year for Diane’s birthday and this was her birthday present from Deborah. Deborah and I did Grease! together on the road before coming to NY. She was Rizzo and I was Frenchy. I’ll never forget when I joined their company after the previous Frenchy was leaving and Deborah had an engagement the night I opened and I hardly knew her yet, but she gave me tons of beautiful MAC makeup in color schemes befitting Frenchy. Needless to say you get a taste right there of her generous heart and beautiful, genuine spirit. Whenever she’s in NY she comes and visits backstage..and the cast has gotten to know and love her as well. This girl has perfect pitch, can write a song over a cup of coffee and assign harmony parts for all of you in a single breath. She’s also one of the hardest working, most joyful actors I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with. Thanks for coming Deborah and happy birthday Diane.

Kevin Costner Dances With Us

Kevin Costner and I

Kevin Costner didn’t really dance with us, but he did come backstage with his two lovely daughters and friends to take some pictures and meet us. He is so handsome up close and I let him know that, in case he didn’t. He’s very tall, too, as you can see in our photo together. It was a thrill meeting him. He is very humble and loved the show. We also saw John Hurley (“Dancing With The Stars”, Mr. Peterman on “Seinfeld”) in the audience with his wife, but he didn’t come backstage.

A lot of celebrities choose not to…they’re either shy or on their way to dinner??? Alright I’m off to do two shows…Jennifer

Richard (Johnboy) Thomas

Richard Thomas and I

A few nights ago, Richard Thomas and his sweet wife Georgianna came to Jersey Boys. Imagine my delight when I heard,” Jennifer, you have guests to see you…Richard Thomas.” I worked with Richard at Williamstown Theatre Festival in the ’80′s. I was hired to do the Cabaret after the Mainstage theatre shows. So, Richard and I were teamed up to sing “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

This was his first time singing live, so he eagerly wanted to rehearse that number over and over and always at 200%. I loved working with him, and had a secret, innocent crush on him, because of his enthusiasm and talent. Well, it ended up that they changed the end of the song so that I actually stay with him…Happy Ending!!

Anyway, jump to 2006, and I ran into Richard with my husband, Tim at Starbucks while he was in A Naked Girl on the Appian Way play, and we had just opened. He promised to catch the show when he could, and he kept his word. He was about to leave for the tour of Twelve Angry Men on the road for 8 months…so, if it’s coming to your town catch it..I promise he will be wonderful. He was so gracious to the cast on meeting them, too and he and his wife loved the show.

Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito.

Rhea PerlmanDanny DeVito

These are cell phone photos of Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito with myself backstage of Jersey Boys. Rhea was a doll and Danny a teddybear and a Jersey Boy himself.