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After last night’s, show I had the pleasure of speaking with an exceptional group of young fans of JB, who have weathered storms, late night/early mornings, sleepless nights, bouts of hunger, lack of toilets,and precious funds to gain a ticket to our show. Some have seen it over 13 times! Unfortunately, this is the only ticket price they can afford as they are still in school. And their enthusiasm and joy and eye for detail whenever someone on stage differentiates their performance, etc. is exceptional.

Anyhow, the Student Rush policy will be extinct after tomorrow, June 24th. I’m not exactly sure of the details why…But I saw first hand last night what happened to one sweet, young college boy. We all actually noticed him in the front row last night, as he had a huge white bandage under his nose…and after the show another covering a gash on his head. As he and others, including solid JB fans Elle and Hilary, waited for the tickets, beginning at 1am..these thugs came along and threatened them, and harassed them and tried to get them to leave their place so they could get the tickets, and even tried to convince the box office man that they were there before the early risers. Well, someone in that threatening group punched this young man, who was defending this young group, (from what I understand) and the police were called, but they ran away…and this young man’s father and mother witnessed their son being beaten up.

I was shocked and horrified. I had no idea what you all really went through to see our show. I am humbled and so very thankful for all of you, especially the ones who struggle to make ends meet, and somehow choose to spend your hard earned money to see us!!!!!????????? perform…THANK YOU. I hope we will see you again, and they can come up with some way so all can afford to go to the theatre. I know I wouldn’t be able to see shows at this price…and to that young man, who had this sweet, swollen smile on his beat up face and said “It was worth it, because the show was really good tonight.” God bless you…..

Florence Henderson aka Carol Brady and JERSEYBOYS 1 YEAR TONY CELEBRATION

WOW Our producer, Joe Grano and his beautiful wife Kathy ,invited the entire cast and crew of Jersey Boys and our families to their lovely, amazing ESTATE!!!!!!!!!, in New Jersey. They chartered 2 luxury buses for us that we took from the theatre. When we arrived , golf carts were waiting to bring us to the entrance of their home from the street. We were overwhelmed by the beauty, size and meticulous detail and landscape of the 14 acres and the home itself.

From the backside , there was a man made pool/lake , tennis courts and enough land to build a golf course, a huge patio that could contain a few NY apts where the caterers were busy preparing AMAZING appetizers that never ran out even during the dinner, which again was outstanding..bbq chicken halves, mahi mahi, grilled steak, italian sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers ,onions and peppers all on the grill, and several beautiful greens, fruits, orso, etc…

The specialty drink appropriately enough was called JERSEYGIRL..and it was frozen pina colada and strawberry daiquiri and it was delicious. Joe graciously took us on tours of his home, that seemed to endure for an hour…we continually got lost…and there had to be at least 10 different restrooms each with it’s own style and design…the molding was hand done, granite, paintings, floor and ceiling fixtures flown in or purchased from around the world..His own pub..We were breathless and in awe and wanted to hide somewhere and make it our home…

It was so nice to see everyone from every area of our show from the backstage crew, to the front of house, the cast and musicians to RIck Elice and Marshall Brickman , BOb and Judy Gaudio, ROn and ALex Melrose, to our producers, Michael David, Lauren Mitchell, Ed Strong and his darling wife..Joe Piscipo and family..and 2 of our Jersey BOys Christian and Bobby brought their amazing wives and littles ones. just a blessed,beautiful day.

I left with Christian and his wife Melissa and baby Elizabeth and their asst Emily and drove back to NY and went with Christian as he opened up( magnificently¬† I might add) Florence Hendersons cabaret at Joes Pub…Jerry Saviola and his sweetie wife Mary, invited me to be their guest for both shows…Let me say..she is gorgeous..that Mrs. Brady..drop dead gorgeous and tiny.. It was a wonderful evening of song and self revelation of the different cycles of her life. We know mostly of her tv career but she was the lead in so many Bway and touring musicals..and she has 4 interesting..ANd to see another side of CHristian…was wonderful. He’s so charming and such a leading man..I met Judge Judy there.. My mom loves her…and alot of celebs came to support her and adoring fans.. Thankyou Jerry and Mary and Christian and JOe and Kathy for a perfect day off.


I’m so excited to watch the Tonys tonight. Fortunately I don’t have HBO so I have no dilemma about the other ‘TONY”…which I’ll watch later on DVD>>>The 4 Boys are doing the first whole hour of untelevised awards which they’ll than announce the winners during the live telecast and they’ll sing at 10:05 TONIGHT>.so tune in

Happy 34th Anniversary to Doreen and John from West Point NY..thankfully they found 2 tickets after a 3 hour wait in the cancellation line. This was their 9th viewing..And they are sweethearts.. I also must have run out to fast after the matin√©e yesterday, cuz I missed the FRANKIE and his 2 adorable sons..Frankie wanted to bring them to Oceans 13 but they chose instead to see JERSEY BOYS…now that’s good taste..

Tomorrow the whole cast and crew are invited to one of our generous producers home for an all day party to celebrate and say thank you. I can’t wait..and than later a few of us are attending Florence Henderson (Carol Brady) ‘s cabaret, which Christian Hoff is MC-ing…talk to you soon.


Paul Williams

We had such fun. Yesterday before the matinee the Jersey Girls got to perform this year. Every Broadway musical and straight play were invited. So cool to see Martha Plimpton, and Jennifer Ehle and Kevin Spacey backstage. And than we met the new stars of GREASE …the winners from You’re the One that I want..Max and Laura..what sweethearts. Our number was a parody of Walk Like A Man into Boyfriends Back. Unfortunately the sound of 2 of our instruments weren’t turned on till midway thru the it sounded like we were singing accapella.The last number was from Spring Awakening..Laura Pritchard and John Gallagher sang Spring and Summer and his amazing song.. We love them….their voices…amazing. Anyway it was so much fun. Thank you for all who attended.

I also had the great blessing of meeting Paul Williams. Donnie Kehr invited him for a future project (which is going to be amazing) He was so kind. He wrote the majority of songs in my favorite show musical back in high school, A STAR IS BORN, with Barbara Streisand…among millions of other songs…what a day…

Here’s me, Max Crumm and Heather Ferguson and Laura Osnes (You’re the One That I Want)

max crumm, laura osnes, heather ferguson and me
Max Crumm and me and Me and your new Danny Zuko