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ps if you’re reading this

ps if I haven’t written you all back, it’s because I keep losing my password and username, and forgot them completely for my other email if you need to write me speedily go to facebook, until I can bother Dale and SUsie again for my mistaken identity.

christmas vacation has begun

So Harrison got out at noon and the Christmas break has officially begun. He and TIm are staying in tonight and i’m off to a Christmas party in Altadena at a lovely 2nd grade parents house. I wish Tim were going too as we had planned, but Harrison is so tired from a day of parties and play dates , so to bring him to another place to play and basketball practice begins tomorrow. AHH such is the life of a 7 year old.
To me a party starting at 8 pm these days seems late. It’s pitch black, and raining right now and all the Christmas lights and decorations are alit and the heat is on and I’m hungry and I don’t know how dressy to be and it’s a grab bag gift party and I ‘m new to the school…ah life could be harder I guess.
I ‘m excited to get my photo s back from my commercial agents and see what they liked and get them blown up and possibly do some surgery without anesthesia in photo shop…lol…
Please, Ive never been the ingenue, always her best friend or crazy co worker. ANyway let the festivities begin…photos maybe to c ome..but also go on Facebook, as I recently joined..