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OK, FIRST OF ALL my husband Tim, his parents, Jessie and Tony, and sister Dorothy came last Saturday and stayed till mid day Wednesday. Tim,s mom and dad are in their early 80′s and have never been to NYC. They came to the show Sunday and were treated like royalty by the cast, especially JLY and Christian, Daniel and probably Bobby, and the rest but I only witnessed the previous. Then some of our great JB fans recognized them and treated them wonderfully. They loved the show, and I warned Tony about my swearing before hand. Tim called me at intermission and was so moved and said he had never sat that close up before (house seats) and he thought I was a really good actress. Thank goodness, because being away this long may make some sense.

After the show, and thousands of photos with cast, all five of us crammed illegally in a cab with this great Hungarian driver who ended up being a wonderful character actor in some great films we’ve all seen. He showed us his book, with photos with Robert DeNiro and Matt Damon, Brad Pitt..Law and Order etc…needless to say the 40 minute ride was very entertaining. This remarkable man had beaten colon cancer and just recently tested the waters of acting and continues to consistently work.

We then went to Nolita and ate PEASANT. This was amazing. Frankie DeCarlo (recognize the family name Gyp DeCarlo???) owns and is head chef of this rustic, charming, delicious restaurant. I spoke to him before sitting down, and he told me how he grew up with Toni and Francine Valli and the Gaudios and DeVitos and how seeing the show brought him back 20 years and how the music overwhelmed and moved him…almost as much as his generous food and appetizers and desserts that graced our table, unordered by us…we were humbled by his graciousness and 2 and a half hours later managed to part from his warm home. Well fed, and happy we strolled Little Italy catching the last hour of the St Gennaro festival and then went home.

Too sum up other things we did, the next day, (and I highly recommend this one), we went to the WTC Museum near Ground Zero. I could have spent hours there. It was so moving and whoever put this together…words can’t describe what you go through as you walk with those who were there…and those who didn’t make it. A fallen firefighter’s mother was on hand giving tours and pointing out photos of her son and telling personal stories of other “faces” on the wall…it was beautiful and haunting…we did other things there…but I’ll jump to the evening Harbor Light Cruise off of pier 42…a 2 hour guided tour in the boat circling our beloved NY…gorgeous.

The next day, I had an audition for Gossip Girl (a sassy, unamused waitress) and than joined the team at the MET for a few hours of culture and then Central Park…the weather was unbeatable every day…I went to the show then…and after the show Tim came alone and took me to Top of the Rock…gorgeous, romantic, breathtaking,..and so was Top of the Rock.

The next morning we met for breakfast, said goodbye…I did two shows and came home to an empty apt.

Next day I ordered 1,000 postcards for my cabaret…(100 is the same price as 1000) so if you see me after show passing out postcards just humor me…NOVEMBER 11, 9:30 SUNDAY NIGHT…THE LAURIE BEECHMAN THEATRE /42ND AND 9TH.

Ok, at Friday’s show the automation stopped working which means no elevator, no microphones popping up, no 4 Seasons rising out of the earth, etc…which also means 4 great looking swings, dressed in black manually setting up the microphones. Michelle Bosch our stage mgr was all calm and orderly..the show was delayed 20 minutes, the audience patient and wonderful..and again the swings saved the day…thank you Heather, Dominic, John and Graham.

Alright one show today…some surprises for fans…also thank you Irene, Wanda, Kathy, Howard for the bday cards…I’m not opening them till Tuesday….LET THE CELEBRATIONS BEGIN.

rehearsal all day, but fun, and tim and family come tomorrow

Well, I just came home to eat really quickly before going back to show tonight. We were called all day basically do the entire show with mics sans costumes except for Colin who was put in for Bob Gaudio, Graham Fenton put on for Joey, Jonathon Hadary as Bob Crewe and Donnie Kehr as Tommy, DeVito…they all did a great job..And it was cool cuz Rick Elice sat in on it and our Asst. Director West…

I came home and decorated my apt for Tim’s arrival tomorrow with his parents and sister Dorothy, His parents are in their early 80′s and never have been to NYC or for that matter a Bway show. They did see me perform this role in La Jolla. But this will be very special. And it was Tim s BIG BIRTHDAY on Wednesday. Thus the streamers in my apt.

Tonight I have Tim’s relatives coming, tomorrow my tax man and his family and then Sunday Tim and family…then the night off and tourism begins. And meals. because I won’t have to zip up my costumes till Tuesday …then I’ll be complaining that my costumes are too tight because of all the meals I ate…

Cabaret rehearsals continue. Usually every Sunday and Monday with adjustments for family visits, and auditions…ok got to go back…you’re in for a treat seeing any of these new performers in these roles…

Oh and I forgot…San Francisco JBoyers …you were amazing at the Emmy’s…

tonight the emmy’s!!

One more show to go. And remember tonight the San Francisco cast are serenading the cast of Soprano’s on the Emmys. knock em dead JB!

Well, this weekend the shows were crazy fun. Friday night Des came to the show…and it was just so great seeing him. He was so happy and gracious afterwards. He always makes it a point to come to our dressing room and say hi and stuff…he ‘s now in town rehearsing the upcoming FARNSWORTH INVENTION. I can’t wait to see it.

Heather Ferguson was on all week for Sara Schmidt (Francine) and was so good and I just love when she’s on…her spirit is fun. Then at the matinée, the only original 4 Season on was Bobby Spencer, JLY has matinées off, Daniel had tonsillitis, and Christian had personal days, and our newest member, Graham Fenton, was thrown on as Norm Waxman, because Donnie Kehr was on for Peter Gregus (who was on vacation, as well as Sara) and John Leone was on for Donnie”s roles, and Travis was on as Joe Pesci, since Michael Longoria was on as Frankie…the show flew by.

We also permanently now have welcomed ADAM BEN DAVID as our energetic, amazing and warm conductor, and kudos to MICHELLE BOSCH our fearless and calm psm for guiding Graham and the others through the shows. By the way…Graham was superb. He just got out of Carnegie Mellon and I was so impressed by not only his talent, but his poise and focus. He was dead on ready for anything thrown at him…we hope he gets to stay with our company instead of going to Vegas.

OK, last nights show..and PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF I FORGET OR GET A NAME WRONG…at the show afterwards our wonderful and gorgeous producers Kevin and Tamara Kinsella, and than our biggest fans in this order??? Howard Tucker and friends celebrating their anniversary, Irene, Beverley, Damaris and John, Allesandra (from Toronto and her friend) Kathy and Laura (of Danico’s fame!!!), Gary,and some new friends, and Pat Palambo sent some awesome tiramisu that could have fed the whole audience…if i missed anyone, sorry..thank you for your enthusiasm and support…

And I promise more news on my cabaret to come…

Last Show of the Week and a Place to Do My Cabaret!!!!!!

Let’s see what happened this week? Madeleine Albright came to the show, as did the writer of The Bourne Ultimatum who happens to be related to Dominic Nolfi. Tonight is the JB Bway Cares Benefit..I’m not performing but hopefully will be able to be in the audience.

I’ve been rehearsing my cabaret and GUESS WHAT? I HAVE A TIME, A PLACE AND A RING!!!!!


42ND/9TH AVE..

I’m so excited. I met Laurie Beechman when I was doing the Nat’l Tour of Les Miserables. I was Eponine and she had just become Fantine and we were playing her hometown of Philadelphia. That’s when she found out she was sick. She had to pull out of the show to take care of herself, but when I went to do Eponine on Bway for a month, she was ready to play Fantine…so we reunited.

She was wonderfully warm, energetic, optimistic, loving and her voice!!!!!! I never would have guessed what she was going through, or would have to face in the years to come. So to have the honor of singing in a spot named after her?!?!? I’m very thankful.

I’ll let you know more as we progress. I’m rehearsing and refining material at least 2 to 3 times a week with my wonderful director Andy Gale and genius music director Chris Haber. I hope you all will come…ok gotta do laundry before the show…bye for now.