my mama told me i had to write this

My mom asked me what I wanted for CHristmas today. Now granted, I called her when I was folding laundry, cooking mac n cheese with canned chili, and baking AUnt Annie’s pretzel sticks, from last years School Bake Sale..and chopping pre washed spinach, and tomatoes , and sauteeing broccoli in garlic and oil…and all in a spastic ADDDDDDDDDDDD manner. I said I’d love to find a vacuum that I could wear as a backpack and have a lightweight to clean better the 3 floor townhouse we live in. I thought I’d than consider myself to be a better housewife/mom if I had that. I still have never learned to mop a floor…and I usually wait to really clean the house till when I have extra $$$ and I call our fabulous duo team that makes this place shine.
I do clean the toilet, sink and kitchen daily FYI.
Anyway that’s all I can really think of right now, besides a commercial or tv gig in btwn the cleanings. xoxo Happy Belated thanksgiving

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  1. Wanda Libardi on November 30th, 2010

    YOU my dear friend, are tooooo funny! Thanks for sharing that, now I don’t feel so bad! Now with Christmas so near I want everything sparkling, seems the Christmas lights will have to take on that job!!! Love you and miss you girl!!!

  2. Howard on December 8th, 2010

    Oh Jennifer, my gosh. I’m sure your place is immaculate. I have my friends leave their autographs in the dust when they come to visit!

    About learning to mop, you’ve been watching too much Judge Judy, who always says I’ll mop the floor with you. Well, you really don’t need to turn a person upside down…they’ve invented lighter equipment for that recently!

    The one thing we do have in common is that we open cans for dinner, but you also do other stuff. If I can’t find the can opener, I can’t make dinner!

    Good to hear things are OK. Hope to see you next week if possible. Take care.