2nd grade starts Wednesday

ok we’re back from 5 days in Florida with Harrisons grandparents. We had a great time even flying in on the redeye with 4 hrs sleep..but we caught up. I took walks early in the morning, but still was drenched after 1 mile, due to their amazing humidity!
Than a welcome dinner at Harrisons new school, shopping for his school uniform, play dates, me shopping for a new photographer, reading about HEathers engagement, preparing for a speaking/singing engagement, auditions in between, praying for Wanda’s little niece callie, and pam and those seeking work…and joining FACEBOOK. Life is busy people. Actually I still can’t believe summer break is over, and how i’ve still not managed to multitask anybetter. enough for now, harrisons up..

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  1. Wanda on August 31st, 2010

    You, my BFF, are one busy Mom/actress/singer/multitasker!!! Thank you for your prayers, things are looking up. Will call you. Best of luck to my little sweetie nephew Harrison on his first day at a new school tomorrow. It’s gonna be great! Praying for lots of auditions for you, something wonderful to come along! My love to my bro Tim too! Love you guys and hope to see you sometime soon! Love, love, love, Wanda

  2. Pamela on August 31st, 2010

    Hi Jen,

    You are the consummate multitasker, my friend, so give yourself some credit!! Glad you are busy. Hope Harrison’s first day of school goes well for both of you, lol! Hope the auditions are going well, and sure something will come up soon. You’re way too talented for something not to. Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support and prayers. They mean so much. Love, Pam