I finally got the nerve to write my blog creator Dale, to get my username, password, etc…for this wonderful site. See, we changed our computer and thus lost vital info. Life is good but busy.

Auditions have picked up and some are very funny and interesting..we’ll see..what transpires. Harrison is in 2nd grade and very busy …he started reading Diary of A Wimpy Kid…though it’s above his ‘LEXILE LEVEL” we are encouraging him because he loves reading it SSR (Silent Sustained Reading) and carrying it around or walking with us Saturday night in Old town Pasadena, reading like a little old man. He had read 95 pages by the following morning.. silently..so I asked him questions..and there’s somethings he doesn’t understand, or pronounces incorrectly, like I had to say it was Diary, not Diarrhea, but hey he’s 7 and a little HAM. that’s Harrison Anthony Morales..

Congratulations to my JERSEY BOYS COMPANY in NY …celebrating 5 years on Broadway.. I couldn’t be more proud , happy and joyful for all those involved. It blows my mind to think that I was/am a piece of that amazing tapestry.. And Rick Elice throwing the fans a party?????????? Come on? Who knows a kinder, humbler, deathly funnier man? Alright photos eventually to come. I am on Facebook now…finally…and still learning to multitask in all areas of life… blah blah blah

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  1. Wanda Libardi on November 16th, 2010

    Hey there my blah, blah, blahing BFF, great to read this new post! Computer is still down, real busy at work haven’t had time to write like I usually do. Let’s catch up by phone real soon! Love you and miss you, will get something to you tomorrow, promise! Love to you three!Glad all is well! And yes, how about that Rick Elice guy, huh?? xo Wanda

  2. Pamela on November 19th, 2010

    Hi Jen,

    Great to read another post. You are the queen of multi tasking, my friend!! So hope something comes through for you with the auditions. Great pictures! Harrison is growing so fast, and you look gorgeous with the new hair color and cut. Couldnt agree more about Rick Elice. What a mensch.The party was great, but we all missed you. XOX, Pam

  3. Howard on November 20th, 2010

    Been waiting for you to finally Blog, Jen, and I just hit paydirt. Funny re Harrison’s misprouncing diary….you’ll need to watch those book titles too….reminds me of when I was maybe 12 or so and I bought “Valley of the Dolls” thinking it was a science fiction book life on a distant planet.

    Yeah, it was a great weekend, and posters Pamela, Wanda, and I were given great shout outs by Rick. And the Monday event at the Paley Building was also great with two rarities: Frankie actually smiled a few times, and Marshall cracked a few jokes (not particularly funny ones, but jokes nonetheless). And if not for Danielle Gaudio spotting me, an overzealous guard would have declared “bedtime” for me!!

    Hoping to see you in a few weeks Jennifer. Have a great Thanksgiving. Best to Tim and Harrison. Has Tim taken you guys to “The Original Pantry” yet??

  4. Wanda Libardi on November 22nd, 2010

    PS pic wouldn’t show up here at work until now and YOU, my BFF, look stunning with the new style and color, I love it! Think I’m getting all of mine cut off to!!! xo

  5. Zanna on November 22nd, 2010

    Glad all is going well with you Jennifer. LOVE the new hair also. You look FABULOUS! So does the little football player. I didn’t realize his initials spelled HAM but that is just so appropriate LOL. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving.