Harrison the Jedi

Well 3 is a charm. We spent Saturday , our 6th Anniversary at Disneyland,since we had 1 more day in our 3 day pass. Last year TIm took me to a nice romantic dinner …this year I was very excited to get a large bag of warm kettle corn..which Harrison ate as much as me.

We did California Screaming in the day and at night and Harrison kept his Jedi/Franciscan robe over his face the whole ride…Hence when we download the photos you’ll see what I mean. We went to watch the Jedi Training this time, since he already received his certificate, and he memorized the script and the way the Master wore his cloak…(which Tim bought for Harrison with the promise that no matter what new character he likes by Halloween, this will be his outfit)…

So needless to say, we’ve been in training at home to become Jedi’s..He’s also in his 2nd week of gymnastics camp , which 1 hour is dedicated to actual training, and the rest is running around on trampolines, and all those mats and equipment, but he loves it…and no dodgeball.

I have good new s and bad news. Bad news is Harrison and I have to cancel our trip to my parents house and visit with my 18 nieces and nephews and brother and sisters next week, cuz the good news is I booked a National commercial. more about that when I sign the contract.. but needless to say we’re all excited.. alright time to wake him up… later

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  1. Wanda on August 13th, 2009

    YIIPPPEEEE!!! I am so happy and so proud of you my BFF! Congrats on the commercial, such joyous news! I cannot wait for details, this is so cool! Glad you guys had so much fun at Disney and that you and Tim are both in Jedi training. Next time I come visit, I may be in training too! Have to talk with Harrison about that! So great to hear your voice, Tim’s and Harrison’s! Miss you all so much!! Lots of love!! Wanda

  2. Gayle Kamen-Weinstein on August 13th, 2009

    Looks like you are finding the balance between motherhood and being a great actress. You have now been officially promoted to JUGGLER!!!! xo Gayle

  3. Doreen Shulman on August 14th, 2009

    Wow! What a difference a year makes! Can’t wait for all of the details about your commercial!

  4. Zanna on August 14th, 2009

    National commercial, yes!!!!
    Harrison is just the best & cutest.
    Best to all of you.
    Keep blogging.

  5. Tina on August 15th, 2009

    Happy Anniversary to you and to Tim! Congratulations on six years of marriage! Parenthood truly becomes you two! Harrison has truly brought more love, joy, and enrichment into your lives! Harrison is a blessed little guy–the three of you are so lucky to have each other!

    Oh, I am so thrilled for you that you booked a national commercial! I know you will talk more about it once the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. I know your whole family is happy for you and that they will understand your not being able to visit at this time. B.A.L. Jenn!


  6. stacey on August 16th, 2009

    Hey Jen,

    Congrats to you & Tim on six wonderful years. Can’t wait to hear more about the commercial & see Harrisons pictures. Will write soon, work has leveled out now….more on that when I write.
    Hugs & kisses to all.

    Miss ya,

  7. Jody Cardillo on August 18th, 2009

    Congratulations on the commercial! Are you a Jedi in it? I love that you’re all in training to be Jedi’s LOL!!

    Happy belated Anniversary, to you and Tim : )

    xo Jody