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HI EVERYONE. Well I just got home from a Mexican dinner with my 2 boyfriends, Tim and Harrison. THey actually were at the Staples Center in the afternoon with Harrisons bball teammates watching the Harlem GLobetrotters.

Life has been so busy!!. Family wise at least. Kinda slow audition wise, but a few coming up.Harrison finished bball yesterday and has his first mtng with Baseball team tomorrow. He’s had a 4 day weekend which is interesting to plan when Tim is at work.. but we’ve been having fun. He’s so into his WII games, and DSI..Star Wars and Spiderman and Batman. ANd everyday , well at least M’to Friday, we have to read 20 minutes, besides his homework. I just remember playing alot in 1rst grade. Not learning about cumulus clouds, and how George Washington went to Betsy Ross’ house to engage her in sewing the American Flag during the Civil War..??

THe other day I got 2 tests one from Ericca Piccinini and the other from Marisa Echeverria… they both now live in LA and Ericca was original Lorraine on Bway and Marissa the original Francine in LaJolla. Well they both inadvertenly met each other at a commercial audition and realized all the connections and both wrote me to share that. I love those kind of stories.. cuz they’re both cool chicks and part of my life.

My youngest sister has been strangely sick since September and finally got approval to go to the great Cleveland CLinic.. After a week stay they’ve diagnosed her as having Stills Disease.. a rare disease that you have to live with as long as God gives you life. It was quite weird and scary to suddenly have my lively, funny youngest sister so sick.. and not be able to talk to my mom and dad as frequently because of cell phone time, etc… was so hollowingly sad and lonely. I got a small taste of what so many people have to daily contend with…life without hearing the voice of your loved ones, whenever you choose or pick up the phone. I’m so grateful for a diagnosis, for a bit of steadiness now, and for life..

I ‘m so sad about the young  Francine,Lindsay Thomas, who recently died of lung cancer?? from the TOronto cast of Jersey Boys.. I don’t get why someone hasn’t found the cure for cancer yet. Good grief… it’s enough already. Reading about her personality and demeanor is amazing. May GOd comfort her loved ones. and may we somehow be given joy in the daily duties of our life, and see the minute miracles around us..

alright enough for one night.. photos to come… thanks to Dale and Susie for this site