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Spring is here!

Yes..spring has sprung. Even though it was 42 degrees yesterday I walked to work with a smile because it was the first day of Spring…I love spring..full of hope, new beginnings…sunshine, flowers..and a 3rd Company of Jersey Boys!!!!! I was thinking what a great day it must have been yesterday for a number of people. The creative staff and casting directors put out their calls to their choices for the next Jersey Boys company. I remember how excited I was.

I was actually working at Miceli’s, an Italian singing restaurant..across the street from Universal Studios. I loved the singing part, but hated refilling peoples drinks…Bad waitress…and upset when my tips were bad after I had sung my heart out…Anyway I overheard one of the young waitresses, Janine, say she had a callback for Jersey Boys in La Jolla…and I thought I didn’t even get an audition. So I called my agent, he called the casting people in LA, who didn’t know me, they faxed all the girls scenes (which were different than now) and asked me to choose any of the girls parts and prepare it. Some how Mary Delgado resonated with me…Which is ironic considering I have Catholic children’s videos out there…but that’s what “acting” is all about…So I went in, sang my song and did the scenes. They couldn’t have been sweeter and said “Do exactly what you just did and come back at 5pm for Des and Ron Melrose..”

Well I did Big River with Des years before and I had met Ron before. I came back and they were so warm. That’s the thing about Des, he sets up such a welcoming, playground to play in and just is smiling and open to what you’re doing up there. We chatted a bit after and I left. An hour later I get a call to come back at 10 am the next day for the same crew and Frankie Valli. He was awesome too.. It had to be the easiest audition, in that there was no time for worrying or over-preparing…just jumping in. They said they had to return to NY one more time…but within a week I heard that phone ring saying I had the role. I was actually in Barnes and Nobles in the theatre section in Pasadena sipping my decaf. I cried.

I have never originated a role. And than to be brought back to NY where my schooling at NYU Grad Acting Program sprung…record the CD two weeks into the rehearsal process, perform on all the TV shows, and the Tony’s, win the Tony, win the Grammy…just to be a part of this. I know I’m blessed and consider it a miracle each time I get cast…So I feel the excitement of this new cast and the joy the San Fran company felt as they got to perform on Jay Leno Monday night. Congratulations to all of you..and thank you for everyone who pays such hard earned money to keep us doing what we love to do…

And another thing…I hate to know who’s in the audience till at least Act 2…but as I was making my entrance at the start of the show…I see Des bringing in Martin Scorsese through the back way…and Des says “Now there’s a real director!” and last night Susan Stroman came to our show…and I had the pleasure of meeting her too. She is a doll…so generous and full of life…and joy.

Audition for Six Degrees

On Friday I went to producers for a new ABC show to premiere in the fall, Six Degrees …it stars Hope Davis and Campbell Scott and Erika Chrisrensen. I was submitted for a role of a nun, but picked up for the role of a CNN type assistant. So much fun going to Silver Cup Studios where they filmed Sex in the City, and all the Law and Order shows. I love the casting director, Gayle Keller too. I’m always surprised how different TV auditions are. You read with the casting director, and the producers of the show are all in the room, a small room, and at the same time a camera is filming your every move. The show’s producer is JJ Abrams so how cool would that be. My competition was all different types so it will come down to an essence I’m sure, but I love going in for tv and film and not having to worry about warming up my voice.