15 minutes till Tim and Harrison come home from Tball

I picked up Harrison today and he came out with whiskers, and a huge red and white painted hat, and told me they had green eggs and ham, and it’s Dr Seuss bday today!! He looked adorable and I need TIm to down load that photo, send it to Dale and he’ll put it up..ADORABLE!!.

ANYWAY yesterday I drove with Amy Neswald (remember check out her site amyneswald.com) to La Jolla playhouse where the great Jenny Case got us house seats. Driving up there and arriving on the campus, I almost wept, and still today thinking about yesterday I tear up. Gorgeous La Jolla, where Jersey Boys and all those wonderful memories began.

As we entered the theatre, after our salad bar feast from Whole Foods, suddenly thru the glass doors comes RICK ELICE.  I melted, I cried, his smile and eyes, and soul caught me off guard..and I squeezed him till it hurt. Even writing this I tear up…I just love this guy. He’s so gifted, funny, brilliant, kind and amazing. How rare a writer of his status and now fame, has stayed down to earth and approachable and lovable and vulnerable.

Anyway PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS you must catch by March 8th…before Broadway hopefully. It is moving, beautiful, funny , relevant , honest and the staging and direction by another sweetheart, Roger Rees, is impeccable and again, brilliant.

It reminded me of seeing Roger in the RSC’s Nickolaus Nickleby ( I know I spelled that wrong)..It just goes to prove, you don’t need helicopters, and fancy scenery and automation but human beings, actors, creating the scene. Amazing.

It was so nice seeing Celiea Keenan Bolger on stage. She was so wonderful and honest and funny and fierce…and all the boys…wonderful.. I cant say enough. I had never read Dave Barry’s book but now I want to… You investigate the rest. but Rick and Roger have an even brighter future ahead of them..

It amazes me how they can dream and produce so much simultaneously.. I thought making dinner, and doing homework at the same time were difficult.

Amy and I had a great time. And her ideas about this new project are so cool. She is so prolific as a writer too. anyway , they’re coming home. I have to put my other hat on..and it’s not Harrison’s CAT IN THE HAT


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  1. Wanda on March 3rd, 2009

    YOU should consider writing, my friend! I’ve mentioned this to you before. When you write, I can see, feel, taste and smell what you’re talking about, it’s so vivid. I teared up reading this cuz I could so strongly feel what you were feeling. What a lovely experience for you! NOW, I’m laughing picturing Harrison with the hat on and the whiskers, how adorable! Throw some green food coloring on those eggs for him! LOL! So glad you got to see Rick and Roger! AND so awesome to see a post here from you again so soon! Love you lots and your two boys too! Wanda

  2. Pamela on March 3rd, 2009

    This post brought tears to my eyes, my friend!! So agree with Wanda about your writing talent. Please tell Harrison that Green Eggs and Ham is my absolute favorite Dr Seuss story (‘I am Sam, I am, I am’)and I too, asked my mother to make me green eggs! Loved your touching words about Rick, his show, and La Jolla. He is a true mensch, 1 in a million. And yes, making dinner and doing homework at the same time IS a real feat!!!

    XO, Pam

  3. Wanda on March 4th, 2009

    Oh, I so love these pics! Harrison is so adorable and so precious! What a gift! Thank you my friend for sharing such a blessing with all of us! Love you and your two Tball guys!!!! xo

  4. Zanna on March 4th, 2009

    Terrific pix. Dr. Zeuss was VERY popular in our house years ago. Harrison is the bomb. And btw you are looking quite good yourself! And happy!
    La Jolla sounds magical.
    Jen, I can feel your energy thru your writing every time. When I first discovered your blog I read every one from the beginning and I was mesmerized!

  5. Lulu Thompson on March 5th, 2009

    I’m looking at these great picutes of Harrison and his hat, and I’m convinced YOU aren’t the only actor in the family. And I’m thinking you might also be part circus performer the way you juggle roles as Mom, wife, actress and appreciative audience member! That was so touching describing your visit to La Jolla and seeing Rick…what a rush of memories and emotions that must have been! Enjoyed seeing you on Nip/Tuck and hope to see you in a another project. Thanks for taking time to share photos and stories. God bless, Lulu

  6. Howard on March 6th, 2009

    Jen, I can’t decide on the appropriate caption for that great pic of you and Harrison at the playground. I’m considering, “Look at the tote board, mom! The market is finally going up again”, or “Here comes Simon Cowell, Mom! I am going to Hollywood!”.

    I echo your thoughts regarding Rick, Pam. We’ve all seen an artist become successful and no longer have time for the common folk.
    Rick is a distinct exception—completely accessible, attending fan get-togethers. When he talks to his fans, he is totally authentic and his genuine, caring self.

    But since you opened the door with “mensch”, Pam, and Jen describes Rick’s beautiful smile and eyes, and her neverending squeeze, I can’t help but think of the expression that I outgrew at about three years of age: “shayna punim”. I’ll leave the translation to you, Pam.

    I actually recall seeing Roger in “A Man of No Importance” years ago, with a great line (paraphrasing here), “My middle is getting thicker but my hair is getting thinner.” For heaven sakes, Roger makes Mary Kate Olsen look chubby and Rod Blogojevich (sp?) look balding. I am trying to convince Roger that those traits make me the best candidate for the next revival. He is indeed a sweetheart, Jen.

    Re Wanda’s comment on your great writing…Stubbleyou, don’t look back! Quoting Terry Gibbs, “Somebody’s knockin’” and we’re about to let her in.

  7. Zanna on March 7th, 2009

    That was a good one Howard.
    Laughing (actually FOTFL) all the way thru.

  8. jody on March 15th, 2009

    ummm, excuse me…Lent is only 40 days…

  9. Howard on March 20th, 2009

    When is the next update coming, Jennifer? I am starting to have withdrawal symptoms!!