whoops dont tell tim

Tims dad is 85 years young.. lol

i didn’t proof read ..i hardly ever do as you can tell by my punctuation and capitalization …xoxo jen

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  1. Courtney on February 7th, 2009

    Too funny! I bet Tim would think the same…have fun seeing and celebrating with everyone!

    I’m in NYC right now for vacation, the cold air is refreshing…maybe not so much when the shows get out, but during the day it’s great!

  2. stacey on February 8th, 2009

    Hey Jen,

    Have a very brief quiet moment..kids asleep & Pete away working. I have been reading your posts but have been unable to write back yet. Busy here, everyone is getting over sinus colds. Diana’s seizures have become more frequent again. Working with neurologist to get medication level right, blood work done and all that goes with her care. Peter & Diana are doing well in school. Pete’s work is good & his Beatles band has some shows soon. I’m job hunting, with little luck so far. Anyone need a banker?

    A very happy birthday to Tim’s dad. Harrison looks wonderful in his game photos….love the one with the rose.

    Hope you are all well & will try to write that letter to you soon.

    Miss ya,

  3. Wanda on February 9th, 2009

    Jen, Don’t ever proof read! You are just way too cute when you write and just let it go. Hope your weekend was wonderful with the family! Love you guys! Wanda