Well We are now Officially a Family! And we also broke bread with Howard,Charly and Stubbleyou!

Yesterday the judge pronounced Tim and I the parents of Harrison Anthony Morales. But the hour and a half getting to that point was nerve wrecking. More on that another time…time to just dwell on the outcome. Our lawyer in Florida called us and said “Do you have a Notary with you?” We said’ Uh No.’..Anyway we jumped in the car…me half way made up for an audition for How I Met Your Mother in a few short hours. Any way California and Florida laws differ in adoption..and the heartache, nerves and tears in that hour and a half trying to meet the requirements from the Judges Chamber and still follow each states laws and being patient and trusting God in the middle, were quite a challenge. But it all paid off. And when the Judge announced that Tim and I were now the parents, it was Tim’s time for tears.It was amazing. Although from the day Harrison came to us, we considered him our son and assumed the responsibilities and love that follow it.

The night before we met Howard (who was in town on business), Stubbleyou (who works downtown), and Charly who jumped off a plane from San Francisco, got caught in traffic but than joined us at Carmines in south Pasadena. The food was great, but the company was even better. Howard knows something about almost everything!! Never a dull moment with him, and Harrison loved him. Of course they regaled him with gifts, which they needn’t have…but he really enjoyed meeting them all and staying up later on a school night. Steve sang me his parody off of JLY’s new film “Oy vey my son is gay.”, which was hilarious…and Charly just lit up the room with her joy when she arrived and showered us with amazing, perfume and cologne gifts ,so much so that TIm and I could probably avoid a shower for awhile and still be presentable to the world.All in all it was a great evening, and hard to leave. I would have stayed so much longer if we hadn’t had to get up for school.  MANNY SKERITT”. I’M the one with my clothes on

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  1. Amanda on January 16th, 2009

    Yay! Jen, I’m so happy for you, Tim, and Harrison! I’m glad you had a good time with Howard, Charly, and Stubbs. That is quite a lovely group of people. Break a leg with the How I Met Your Mother Audition!


  2. Jody Cardillo on January 16th, 2009

    Congratulations to the Morales Family!!!! So happy for all of you!!

    And how nice to have dinner with Charly, Howard and Stubbs, maybe Stubbs will record his new song for the movie : )

    Have a wonderful family weekend, and Celebrate!!!

    Love, Jody xox

  3. jody on January 17th, 2009

    Man that son of yours is beautiful!!! And I’m the Gpd Mother:)

  4. jody on January 17th, 2009

    I mean GOD mother, not Gpd Mother…

  5. Wanda on January 17th, 2009

    Jennifer, Everytime I see a photo of your son, I think “May can’t come soon enough!” I just can’t wait to meet him! Of course, spending time with you and Tim will be incredible, but meeting this new little man in your life will be the highlight of the trip and being with all three of you, simply incredible!! So glad you had a great time with our wonderful friends! ALL OF YOU look so happy and well fed!! Aw man, re: “Manny Skeritt”, I thought you were the one with your clothes OFF!! LOL!! Love you guys lots and see you soon! xo Wanda

  6. Wanda on January 17th, 2009

    PS Jody, Congrats on being Harrison’s Gpd Mother, I mean, GOD Mother!!! xo Wanda

  7. Howard on January 17th, 2009

    Oh, Jennifer, Tim, and Harrison, that is such wonderful news, and so happy that it’s official. The love and affection you have for each other is so apparent.

    It was indeed a terrific evening. Carmine’s was a great selection; food was plentiful, delicious, and reasonable. It was indeed Karaoke night there, but we were talking so much with each other, that Stubbs and I never did get to do our duet of “Beggin’”, splits and all!!

    Harrison was so warm and personable, and I loved him as well. I do think Harrison liked me more though, because in his little impromptu hide-and-go-seek game as you guys were leaving, he found the most room to hide standing behind me.

    Harrison was so, so well-behaved as Stubbleyou and I planned the agenda for your next cabaret show of ’60′s hits. Our biggest accomplishment of the night was finally convincing you that The Orlons were not a weekly knitting club. I think we did agree, reflecting on your “Movin’ on Up”, that your next show would feature a “South Street/Don’t Hang Up” medley, with updated lyrics for the not-so-new-anymore millennium by Stubbleyou. (You’re right, Jen…his parody of JLY’s new flick “Oy Vey…” was absolutely hilarious…just hope the movie is as funny!)

    Charly is the only person I know who looks even more beautiful after a grueling airline flight and sitting in traffic for 2 hours than before she started the journey!! Loved when Charly came in and she gave me her wonderful trademark hug at the door and we started heading to the table…with the maitre d’ shaking his head in disbelief, seeming to say, “My gosh, what could she ever see in him??”

    We all toasted the wonderful Danielle Gaudio Lalehzar, who helped you, Tim, and Harrison become such a great family. Finally, thanks for the wonderful birthday surprise, and thanks for only putting the one candle instead of the true number! (Yeah, Stubbleyou, I know if the true number were there, we would have needed a fire extinguisher handy!!) Thanks again too for introducing us all to Harrison; with so much love, he has an awesome future ahead.

  8. newjerseylasagna on January 17th, 2009

    Great People…
    Great Times…
    Great Memories Forever!
    …oops almost forgot the Food!

  9. stubbleyou on January 18th, 2009

    It was great spending time with you Wednesday night, Jennifer and Tim, and getting to know you better. And congrats on “making it official” Thursday morning! Harrison was indeed a joy to break bruscetta with – no way could my boys have behaved so well at a tableful of adults when they were five. Sharp too – he was the first to notice the number of candles on Howard’s cake didn’t exactly match his age. And the affection shared among the three of you was very apparent and pure – so nice and sweet.

    Howard, I’m afraid you Les Misunderstood about karaoke night – I was ‘begging’ the waitress for some ‘split’ pea, but all they had was lentil. She must have thought I said “Yentl,” cos the background music at the restaurant switched from Sinatra to Streisand.

    Seriously, though, I realized later that the music did indeed create a poignant moment: While we were waiting for Howard and Charly to arrive, we noticed “Sherry” was playing in the background, remember? You told Harrison “[T]his song is from that show Mommy was in,” and I smiled to myself realizing that as important as Jersey Boys has been in your life and that of many others, it was something that simply was not a part of his young life’s experience. That moment reminded me how in life a new and very different chapter can open as the one before it closes. You have switched tracks, from Mary to Mom…and you are going to work harder than ever before, but for much greater rewards, too! Welcome to parenthood.

    Thanks to Howard for pulling the evening together, to Charly for going from airport to home and then across two counties, and to you and Tim for including me in the evening.


  10. Pamela on January 18th, 2009


    Mazel Tov and congrats on making Harrison’s adoption ‘official’. As you so beautifully wrote, Harrison was your son from the day you took him home.The love and pure joy all of you have as a family shines through.You all look beautiful and happy. Sounds like a great dinner Wednesday night. So wish I could have been there as well!Hope Harrison likes the book I sent. It’s one of my very favorite stories. Love, Pam

  11. Courtney on January 20th, 2009

    That is such wonderful news! I’m so happy for you, Tim and (now, officially) YOUR son Harrison.

    Also, I’m very anxious to hear about the audition — How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite shows, I watch it every Monday night. Believe me it would make me so happy to see you on the show!

    Hope the rest of 2009 is full of even more blessings for your family!

  12. Howard on January 21st, 2009

    I’ve never seen “How I Met Your Mother”, but it’ll be nice to tell Harrison on my next trip out how I met his mother! You’ve heard it a hundred times, Jen, but I still recall your racing ahead of me to the August Wilson nearly 3 years ago when I yelled out “Jennifer!”, and instead of making the clean getaway, or pretending not to hear me and motoring ahead even faster, you turned around and walked back to meet me, asked me my name and what I did for a living, and thanked me for coming to the show!!

    How I met Harrison’s father is also a good story…at “Journey to Jersey Boys”, Tim mentioned to me he lived in Pasadena, and I told him my company had an office there. “Well, if you’re ever out this way, look me up”, Tim announced politely, probably assuming it would never happen! “I’ll be out in a few weeks, Tim”, I responded, and immediately I could sense Tim thinking, “O my gosh,I shouldda been more careful what I wished for!!” And we did break bread at my favorite restaurant, The Original Pantry, a few weeks later!!

    Stubbleyou, re Harrison wondering why the # of candles on the cake didn’t match my true age…do you think he bought the Benjamin Button story of my aging backwards??

  13. Zanna on January 21st, 2009

    Congrats to all. You are truly a beautiful family. Harrison is now THE star Jen and I hope you don’t mind that (LOL). He’s quickly perfected that Hollywood smile and is totally adorable.
    I’d pay anything to see Howard do a “Beggin” number as he’s sure to pop those blue suspenders!!
    Best to you.

  14. Doreen Shulman on January 24th, 2009

    Yahoo! Congrats to everyone!

    All my best,