WOW It’s fun and hard and tiring and something else to be a mom. A Family. I’m literally running around constantly even when he’s at school. I do find time to run or work out, right after I drop him off at 8 am. Poor Tim hasn’t found that release yet. There’s no time in the day to fit everything in. I find myself a complete idiot and space cadet when in the kitchen. I’m preparing Tim s dinner and Harrison’s in a select, small, variety that he can tolerate, and than steaming maybe some broccoli, green beans,etc..only to place 1 or 2 on his plate. And I give Tim the main meal,and I tend to eat my menage of omelets with various dips and crackers, and veggies. Harrison doesn’t want to try mine..I think it must look a mess to him..LOL. SO far the “healthy ” brownies, and “healthy” rice krispy treats we made together work, but his sense of smell and taste!!!!!! He can detect when I smear maybe a teaspoon of sweet potato or butternut puree under the lowfat cheese in his quesidilla…and his face doesn’t lie.

Scheduling picking him up, playing,homework and eating than 7 is shower, etc and than we all read together at 7 30 and say our prayers and hopefully he’s lights out by 8 pm and Tim is shortly to follow. That’s my golden time to watch Dancing W the Stars and various shows we’ve taped, now also SUPERNANNY. I have no idea when my life changed, wait yes I do, Oct 19th .. My sister Jan was commissioned by my parents to paint a life size SPIDERMAN  4 BY 6 FEET. it was delivered and TIm put it up in 3 hours to Harrison’s amaze and delight. He kept saying, “but how does she paint it so good?” He’s very funny and sweet, and hopefully more photos and stories will emerge as I wake up…love Jennifer

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  1. Wanda on November 18th, 2008

    Hang in there my friend! You’ve started out with a walking & talking child, not an infant where you have a little time while your child naps. Lots to get used to for all of you! Harrison will try new things to eat, you’re on the right track! You’re doing great Jen! It is the most difficult job in the world, parenting, but, as you know, the rewards are ever so sweet! My prayers are with you always and lots of love too!! Wanda PS Keep watching SuperNanny!!!! LOL!!! xoxo

  2. Jody Cardillo on November 18th, 2008

    I agree with Wanda, You’re doing a wonderful job!!

    All of a sudden it will be like being on stage, it will all fall into place like a puzzle :)

    You’re doing everything just right, Harrison is very lucky little boy..

    God Bless, Miss ya xox Jody

  3. stacey on November 18th, 2008

    Hey Jennifer,

    If you can’t see it, I am raising my hand too in total agreement to your doing things just right. Being a mom is like NO OTHER job in the world. Yes dads have a special job & are wonderful, but like almost anything, behind every good man/thing & child is a MOM.

    I too respect & admire my mom more & more each day. As each day passes I understand more & more all of the little things she said, did & told me a zillion times I would understand once I was a mom.

    As kids we never realized ALL our moms do to keep the family running like clock work. Get everyone up, breakfast, dressed, make lunches, off to school/work, cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc, etc & keep her sanity to do it everyday, 365 days a year & for years.

    What is exahusting today won’t be as bad tomorrow & even better the next day. Everything will fall into place and become second nature to you soon enough. To some it may sound funny, but enjoy it now, both the good & not so good. It is all part of making wonderful family memories, your families memories. This is what you wanted for so long & now are blessed to be living it.

    Much love to you my friend,

  4. Wanda on November 19th, 2008

    PS I so cannot wait to see Jan’s work in person!! Most of all, meeting your little Spidey in person will be most special of all —- along with spending time with you and Tim!! Love ya lots!!!! Wanda

  5. Norene on November 19th, 2008

    Jen, Tim, and Harrison,

    Happy Family Anniversary…It’s one month ago that you started on your journey as a new family and that you each brought love and smiles to one another. Jen, I’m sure Harrison will come around, remember you only had 1 month to undo 2 years of “solid” food bad habits. You don’t have a baby, but I guess you have to take baby steps. I am surprised that he doesn’t like sweet potatoes, maybe cut them up like French fries and roast them with olive oil. You are doing the right, the best, the most time consuming and the most loving thing for him… teaching him to eat healthy. I know you know this is the best for him and you will keep trying.
    That painting of Spiderman is fantastic!!!! Your sister is soooo talented. Harrison’s eyes must have lit up when he saw it. He is very lucky!!
    Thanks for posting… I know we all enjoy getting updates on your family.
    We miss you.
    Our best,
    Love Norene and John

  6. Pamela on November 19th, 2008


    Sounds like you are doing a fabulous job as a Mom. There’s no real script for what to do, just alot of umprovisation, right?!! You are taking multitasking to a whole new level, my friend. Just hang in there and keep doing what you’re doing. XO, Pam

  7. Zanna on November 20th, 2008

    Love your updates too! (And Dancing w/the Stars.) And wow! your sister Jan is a stunningly talented artist.
    Try not to stress too much with the food. You can get lots of healthy food already prepared nowadays. I don’t know if you’re non-dairy but small containers of yogurt are still a quick snack for me. I think people all have their own individual taste buds. My son, now grown up and eating healthy, always had completely different tastes in food than I. A few yrs ago Jessica Seinfeld wrote a popular book about preparing healthy foods for kids. When I saw it being promoted on tv the kids were gobbling up the food. Don’t worry, Harrison’s choice of food will definitely expand as he grows. Just have fun and laughs!
    You see what happens when you become a mom, Jennifer? EVERYONE gives you advice! And the advice keeps going and going and going, just like that energizer bunny, right? LOL xo

  8. Liz Aiello on November 20th, 2008

    Hi Jen-congrats on welcoming Harrison into your family. So happy to hear all about how it”s going. My youngest, Mimi, is 9 now, and we adopted her when she was a week old. It was hard, since I had 2 boys already. Lucas is now 15, and Cameron is 17! I remember how difficult it was in the beginning. She was only 4 lbs when I brought her home. Can’t believe how the time flies. Cameron is now in his senior year of high school at North Carolina School of the Arts; with a concentration in Drama, and sings so well too. Guess he took up his parents mantle, but no stage mom here. I have been doing theatre regionally since he was born, and Bill still runs a professional theatre company, so I guess he comes by it naturally. Really seems to have a passion for it, despite knowing how difficult it is as a career. We’ll see where the other 2 kids land! Parenting is such a rich, amazing journey, filled with many emotions. I have learned so much from my children. It has made me a better, more mature, open-hearted person. Hang in there, you are very brave, generous and loving to willingly make this journey. All the best to you and your husband. Liz

  9. Howard on November 25th, 2008

    Jennifer, when are you going to publish these recipes??–somehow, the lettuce and tomato diet just hasn’t been working for me.

    So far, I haven’t seen anything about introducing Harrison to the healthiest food around..that at The Original Pantry on 9th and Figueora; I hear they’ve started putting oatbran in the flapjacks!! The Pantry with Harrison takes priority on my next trip to the Coast.

    Yeah, food tastes are very individual. To this day, I dislike peas intensely, but split pea soup is my favorite; not a huge fan of tomatoes, but enjoy ketchup.

    Sounds as if things are going so well, Jennifer…am so happy for all of you. And as Lulu mentioned earlier, we did have the anniversary of your wonderful cabaret show. I am still waiting for you, though, to explain to me what happens to the neighbor boy in “Angie Baby”…..

  10. Ellen (Naimo) Potter on November 25th, 2008

    Oh Jennifer Aunt Patty and I were so happy to read the news. Our congratulations. I know how much you have been wanting this and I must say that even though my stepson is not my blood I could not love him any more if I was his birth mother. It is a wonderful feeling. Wishing you, Tim and Harrison the best. You are going to be a wonderful mother – just look at yours – you come from great stock :>) Hugs and kisses to you all – your Cousin Ellen and Aunt Patty