upright cabaret


Hey if you’re in town stop by the Upright Cabaret for the weekend Revue. I’m singing a song on Friday night. Not sure till tomorrow which song..but it will be fun. The Best Buy callback was a riot, all dressed in winter gear in California pelting our imaginary neighbors with imaginary snowballs. Didn’t’ get it but had a riot playing. My good college friends were in town from Chicago, Laurin and Troy and Tim and I brought them around Old Town Pasadena, and ate at one of my favorite little Italian places there, Mi Piace…homemade foccacio bread  hot from the Wood Burning Stove…yummy.

Also my good friend Tricia and I went to An American Carol and laughed for the entire 90 minute movie. It’s a riot , a lot like Airplane and even features Leslie Nielson. Ok I have to go rehearse..

And remember just say no to a cheap flight on SPIRIT AIRLINES…


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  1. Howard on October 8th, 2008

    Well, young lady, at least you didn’t restrict this invitation to the West Coasters as you did with the Dolly Parton review!! Ya gotta give me more notice, Jen, as my boss has already made plans for me to head in the other direction…to Ireland! I’m waiting for Stubbleyou and Bob Gaudio to write, “When Jersey Boys are smiling, etc., etc.”

    What happened on Spirit Airlines? Am I missing something? I know that you’re not charged for weighing too much or for needing a seatbelt extension, as I always fear on Southwest, since they’ve been threatening two years ago. I have a lot of experiences trying unsuccessfully to use frequent flyer miles–in fact, I told some to comedian Jackie Mason a few years back,and he still does some jokes about them (embellished of course).

    We saw your wonderful friend Wanda in “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”, and she was terrific. Her reviews in the local press were astounding..one reviewer said she’d been away “much too long”. And not only did she meet us at the stage door, but she went to dinner with JT, Pam, John, Norene, Gary, Priscilla and me. I am a man of few words, so the others handled the conversation. We didn’t even pretend it was Norene’s birthday as we usually do, but only when the birthday cake is free!! (yeah, Norene, we know it’s 11-15!)

    So, in summary, Wanda is as talented as Patti LuPone, but more responsive at the stage door. Best, she listened for about the tenth time to my Patti LuPone story, where I criticized Patti’s lack of affection at the stage door to a business colleague, and turned out that colleague was her cousin!!

    Oh, and Zanna on the post below, I know it’s not good etiquette to correct someone if one understands what he/she means, but my buddy Gary always does so to me when I refer to one person as paparazzi…..the singular is paparazzo! Actually, we thought we saw a paparazzo at the stage door of “Jersey Boys” last week; turned out to be New Jersey Lasagna putting her portfolio together for the National Enquirer!

    Jennifer, thanks for keeping all of us up to date. I still want the skinny on Spirit Airlines!!

  2. Wanda on October 9th, 2008

    Oh,Jen, here I go missing another chance to see you perform so far away!!! So sad! But, I know you will knock ‘em dead girl! What are you singing? Can’t wait to hear and hope that there’s another video of your spectacular performance! Best of luck, my friend, I will be thinking of you tomorrow night! Have a great time!! Love you lots!!! PS To Howard – thank you for your wonderful comments here! I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends!!! So glad you enjoyed the show!!!

  3. NewJerseyLasagna on October 9th, 2008

    All the Best this weekend!

  4. Zanna on October 9th, 2008

    Thank you Howard for the spelling correction(paparazzo). I don’t mind at all. My old tattered, favorite dictionary didn’t, of course, have the word in it.
    Have fun at the Upright, Jen. Since you seem to be making that your second home, I was thinking of forwarding some photos to you there when I get around to it. Have spectacular shot of the AG theatre taken from across the street & nice ones of ML & CH.

  5. Jody Cardillo on October 10th, 2008

    Hi Jen!

    Break-A-Leg Tonight!!!

    Love, Jody