‘at the end of the day, i’m another day older’

tomorrow starts 1rst day of rehearsal. we were told bring pencil, pad, recording device so that by the end of the day,we’re rock solid in our music..as we will sing the entire score ,at the end of the day. yahoo ,this is going to be a treat.

As for the play i was up for, the director called me at home, and was very generous with his remarks, but gave it to an actress who’s quite funny and has worked over 12 shows with him on, for little to no pay. So besides the courtesy of calling me and stroking my ego with praise, he is loyal to his company of actors. ANd than I literally ran into Denise at Glendale Galleria mall..which I haven’t been to since being home.. and the moment I was leaving the mall I saw her. Very happy for her.

It would be 9 weeks of work,but you’d have to live in Laguna Beach(not to shabby) an hour and a half away. ANd well, you know, I just got home..LOL ..and just signed with new Commercial agency..so it’s always a good idea to be here and available.. alright .. hopefully i’ll be able to write again soon and let you know how long JLY’s hair is….AT THE END OF THE DAY..XO JEN

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  1. Melissa on July 27th, 2008

    I am so sorry that I am going to miss this. Has there been any talk at all about recording this? AT THE END OF THE DAY I can only hope. Have a blast!!!

  2. Wanda on July 27th, 2008

    Back at work once more, my friend!! Have a wonderful time, I’m sure it will feel great to dig into some music once again as well as see JLY and catch up. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!! I sure will be thinking of you!! Love ya lots, Wanda

  3. Charly on July 28th, 2008

    O.K I was just read your last blog post…I didn’t know you played “Eponine”…and on B’way!! OMG I would have loved to have seen you in that role and hear you sing “On My Own” & “A Little Fall of Rain” with JL.

    So looking forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks.

    PS: Laguna Beach??? Oh GOSH that’s my neck of the woods.

    xo & blessings,