michigan here i come

I’m going back to Michigan Friday with Tim for a week. One of my 17 nieces and nephews are getting married..and we’re staying with my Mom and Dad..it should be so nice.

I just went in for a series regular role on a new HBO show.. It was a riot.. we’ll see what happens. tomorrow I go in for a new MTV docu/comedy…very silly…should be fun too.

I had a 2 hour interview with a fantastic man, Michael Sterling, who runs Sterlings Upstairs at Vitello’s in LA. It’s a new cabaret/supper club room. I would have to re-think my cabaret from NYC as it doesn’t demand a full band here and I would have to guarantee at least 60 people…it holds 90. Very classy. They have a 4 course dinner first, and then the cabaret follows..after the chewing, and dishes are cleared…something to ponder.

alright grand rapids here we come..

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  1. stacey on June 11th, 2008

    Hey Jen,
    Busy, Busy, Busy! Glad to hear you have so many irons in the fire. Keep us posted on the results of all the auditions etc.

    Have a great time at the wedding & have a fabulous time with mom & dad. WOW!, 17 NIECES & NEPHEWS…you have a lot of catching up to do at the wedding. It seems like you & Tim have been really busy since you got home.

    How is the car? All fixed? Any other parts you going out for?

    Talk to ya soon,

  2. A on June 11th, 2008

    Jenny girl,

    Have lots of fun with the family in Michigan! Have a greta time at the wedding, it should be lots of fun. Weddings are such happy moments.

    Look at you..all these audtions! Let me know how they all turn out. I can’t wait to see you on the screen!

    Thats sounds awesome about the cabaret..and the 4 course meal..yum!


  3. Wanda on June 11th, 2008

    OK girl, we’re both on vacation at the same time!! Awesome! I know you’ll have a blast with your family and at the wedding! You are one busy lady and that’s a good thing. Will be in touch over vaca! Please give the family my love! Have a wonderful and safe trip!! Love ya girl and Tim too!!! Wanda

  4. Lori on June 11th, 2008

    Sounds awesome Jen!! Have a great time :)

    Miss you!

    Love ya,

  5. Jody Cardillo on June 11th, 2008

    Hi Jen, You and Tim have a wonderful time at home.
    It’s so strange, I was just going to e-mail you to say hi, but I said let me see if Jen posted a
    new blog and wa-la..You’re so busy, that’s
    fantastic..Have a great vacation, talk to you when you get home..Hugs and Love, Jody :) )

  6. Lulu Thompson on June 12th, 2008

    Sounds like a fun week. My summer has been filled with weddings of friends. I’m also going to Michigan later this summer. We have friends who live on Gun Lake about an hour from Grand Rapids. We always plan a trip to the Barn Theatre. Did you ever perform there? The cabaret opportunity would be so cool. Stay cool!

  7. Charly on June 13th, 2008

    Hey Jen,

    Just sent you an email….Hummmm Cabaret I would be soo there!!

    Safe travels.

    xo & blessings,

  8. Emily on June 13th, 2008

    Aunt Jennifer,

    Tomorrow tomorrow we’ll see you tomorrow it’s less then a day away!

  9. Lulu Thompson on June 25th, 2008

    Sounds like “Aunt Jennifer” might have a Broadway niece :)

  10. emily on June 26th, 2008

    haha, I am not the Broadway niece (there are a few who could make it on Broadway though)…

  11. Tina on June 28th, 2008

    Ciao Jennifer!

    I am praying and keeping my fingers crossed for you that blessings happen for you!

    Blessed Be!
    Tina xo