I haven’t written in a bit, because I felt that what I wanted to share was so frivolous in light of John Altieri’s passing. I couldn’t even get through Eric Bergen and Eric Gutmans’ tributes, I was so just so sad and haunted by it all. I only met him a few times, when the 1st Nat’l Tour was rehearsing and we saw their final run thru before leaving, and he was quite hilarious and precise as Bob Crewe.

I do know that on Wednesday I went with Steve Orich to the opening night of Flora the Red Menace, here at LA’s Reprise, and not a few casting directors, and industry people were also mourning his passing…Steve even said that about 5 years ago, John had done some painting in his house…and everyone had nothing but nice things to say, and bewilderment at his short life.

We’ve constantly been praying for his family and those close to him that they would feel Gods comfort in this time.

Last Friday night ,right before the big Vegas Opening, Tim and I received tickets ,that went at 1500$ a pop ,to THE RACE TO ERASE MS,thrown by Tommy Hillfiger and Nancy Davis.This is an amazing Gala that raises money for those suffering from MS, and the celebrities and doctors and socialites in attendance were astounding .

TIm and I arrived early,as you never know what traffic will be like on a Friday evening. It was held at the Hyatt Regency on Ave of the Stars (no less) and Tim knew the fire marshal of the event who gave us all the back door entrances and first line approvals.

Bob Gaudio was kind enough to put me in touch with Frankie , AS HE WAS THIS YEARS ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!!!!!,LAST YEAR BEING EARTH ,WIND AND FIRE,and we watched some of his sound check than his tour mgr,Dean brought us up to Frankie. Frankie is always so gracious, and complimentary to me,and I”m always surprised when he remembers me, as we know there are multiple casts…but he took the time to talk with Tim and me for about a half hour. And he was so fascinating telling us about his life, and how hard it was to get where he is now, and how WORK is his love, his life, his mistress..He was just humble and soft spoken and so kind and funny. Thank you for such a wonderful moment and evening. He said how this crowd, he knew he had to win them over,because they weren’t there just for his entertainment. And he was so right,but he did win them over.

We than proceeded to the SILENT AUCTION room, which was this huge ballroom with bids going for anything from Paris Hiltons clothing line, perfume, to a Maltese puppy (which sold for 17,000.00) to a motorcycle signed by ? I forgot ,to a private jet , to signed photos of Aly and AJ???? it was mind boggling.. Free Drinks everywhere…

A photographer asked to take Tim and my photo.. very glamorous, than our friend scooped us up to get in the front line for the RED CARPET arrivals.. MY oh My.. I was like a kid in a candy store. I”m a huge fan of DANCING W THE STARS, so here comes Samantha Harris, who is gracious, bubbly ,tiny , gorgeous saying hello to us and than confronting oever 300 photographers SCREAMING HER NAME JUST LIKE IN THOSE SNL SKITS, hilarious. Alright let me just name a few that went thru that same process, and when they pose for the photo it’s the most superficial, stiff ,weird pose, that looks fantastic in print..and everyone was tinier in real life…so that 10lb camera weight theory is true…Harry Hamlin, Lisa Rhinna, Anne Heche and her new man, Julian and Derek Huff from Dancing with the Stars, and Christian dela Fuente and his wife, and those chiseled dancers from the show, who all danced in the LIVE TOMMY HILLFIGER FASHION SHOW,Howie Mandel, Nicky Hilton, the lady from KTLA morning show,Cheryl Ladd GORGEOUS<, Ray Romano, Tom Arnold, Illeana Douglas, January Jones, Ali Landry, Josie Bissett,Tara Reid, Daisy Fuentes, Marlee Matlin, Garcelle Beauvais, Andrea Bowen, Emmy Rossum, Kristi Yamaguchi, Leeaza Gibbons, Maria Menendous, Shannon Elizabeth and last but not least Paris Hilton, who really was last, and posed like you would think, but turned her back to hike up her front…it was so fun.

Inside the floral arrangement s gorgeous..fillet mignon, mac and cheese,grilled veggies,desert plate, more drinks, live Fashion Show with all of Tommy Hilfiger’s models and some of the above and dancers, live auction…and than Frankie…

I’m telling you, it was real Hollywood Glamor..and swank, and we went home with those coveted goody bags..and Tim is stopped a few times, ‘are those Tommy Hilfigers new shades?’ why yes they are…such fun..here are a few photos..

happy mommy’s day.. Thanks MOM for LIFE… I love you.

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  1. Melissa on May 11th, 2008

    I can’t imagine a better evening….filet mignon and mac and cheese. Simply heaven :) It sounds wonderful, and it’s so nice that you and Tim got to share it together.

    I am sending prayers your way that you will be having a wonderful Mother’s Day of your own sometime soon.
    Love, Melissa

  2. Howard Tucker on May 12th, 2008

    Wow, Jennifer, I don’t even know where to start on this Blog entry. Frankie the entertainment of the evening! No surprise that he’s so gracious to you–just look at what a success “Jersey Boys” has been–and I’m sure to Frankie as well as to everyone else, you’ll always be the Mary Delgado who gave the Four Seasons and Frankie a whole new life!

    I’m sure you know that Steve Orich was the genius behind Helen Reddy’s “Center Stage” some years back (he was kind enough to send me that CD after I met him in LA last year and it’s marvelous). Hope he’s heard you do “Angie Baby”–I think your version is even more haunting than Helen’s original.

    And the “Dancing with the Stars” gang? But I checked and checked and checked above, and didn’t see my favorite Marisa Jaret Winokur. I am so thrilled “Tracy Turnblad” made it to the finals…was she too busy practicing to meet you?? And I would so love for THE FINAL to be Marisa Jaret vs. Kristi Yamaguchi–wouldn’t that be amazing??

    Paris Hilton too!! I think she’d be perfect for the Kim Novak role with Christian in “Pal Joey”–hope you urged her to audition. (Every time I mention it to Christian, he gives that “ubiquitous” expression.)

    So that 10 lb. thing is really true, huh? That means I’m so much thinner than I look on the Blog?? Great–I can give up the lettuce and tomato diet!!

    I am so, so thrilled things are working out for you in CA, Jen. Karma is a very real thing and the brightness you and Tim have brought to so many in the past few years (me included) is now coming back to you in spades!

  3. Wanda on May 12th, 2008

    I can just see you there having so much fun, taking pictures, etc., etc! Yes, just like a little kid in a candy store. Hope you realize that you’re 10 times more talented than some of those you saw walk the red carpet! So wonderful that Frankie was able to spend time with you and Tim. So very happy that you and Tim were able to have “Oh What a Night” together with all the glitz, great food, stars, especailly The Dancing With The Stars people. Thanks for sharing this wonderful evening with all of us Jen!!! Love ya lots, Wanda

  4. NewJerseyLasagna on May 12th, 2008

    Hi Jen!

    What an AWESOME evening…thanks for sharing!
    Have a great week!

  5. Gayle Kamen-Weinstein on May 12th, 2008

    Wow! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of the real red carpet moments. Loved your comments about Frankie. Sounds like an amazing evening on many fronts. Not the most kosher meal, steak and mac and cheese?!?! GKW

  6. Pamela on May 12th, 2008


    This sounds like an incredible evening!! Thanks so much for the detailed descriptions of everything. You look absolutely gorgeous!

    Miss you and love you,

  7. Stacey on May 12th, 2008

    Hi Jen,

    WOW,WOW & WOW!!!!!! What a night!! Sounds like you & Tim had a fabulous time. As always…you look beautiful!!! From your time with Frankie, the food, pictures & everything, thanks for sharing.
    I totally agree with Melissa’s comment above…sending our prayers so that next year you will have a mother’s day celebration of your own. How is that going?

    All our love,
    Stacey, Pete, Diana & Peter.

  8. Lori on May 13th, 2008

    Hi Jen, WOW it looks like you had a great time :-)
    You look gorgeous in your dress!YOu and Tim look wonderful!!
    And of course Frankie Valli would remeber you :-) YOu are special and played Mary hehe :-D

    I know it was so sad about John Alteri, I never met him or anything but heard of him.

    MIss you Jen!

  9. Charly on May 13th, 2008

    Hey Jen!!

    It’s been awhile. WOW!! What a FABULOUS evening you and Tim had…both of you looked FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much for sharing.

    xo & blessings,

  10. liz skorski on May 16th, 2008

    jen! i really miss you a lot in nyc. im finally going to attempt moving there this summer. hope everything is going well. also it looked like you had way lots of fun at the event. hugs. liz

  11. Lulu Thompson on May 17th, 2008

    Jen, you looked right at home on the red carpet. You’ve earned your right to strut there, LOL! You and your husband look so happy, glad things are working out for you in LA, What a cool, glam night…Frankie, flowers, food, fashion show, handsome husband by your side, celebs…and a goody bag, too!

  12. Mauricio M. on May 9th, 2009

    Where is Daisy Fuentes ?Daisy Fuentes is Two So Sweet for Big Events Sweet……….:)