i have an amazing guardian angel

Let me preface this by saying, thank goodness it wasn’t my fault.

So I’m driving down the 110 fway to pick up Tim from LAX airport. I have my Christian music blaring and I’m singing along, joyful cuz Tim is coming back from 3 days in Charleston, SC and I just ran 6 miles around the Rose Bowl and it’s a beautiful day. I’m almost at the turn off to the airport, when I notice to my left that a huge, door frame sized piece of wood? is free floating over the median from the on coming traffic and towards our lanes. Suddenly it changes direction and when it comes to my lane,turns and comes at me HEAD ON.. I thought “you gotta be kidding” it seemed so surreal… I grasped the steering wheel with both hands firmly, closed my eyes, still going 65 miles per hour, and calmly beckoned JESUS (with the clear intention, please help me)…I hear a slam and crashing of glass, but felt nothing on my face..I opened my eyes, to find myself still in my lane, no windshield broken, the car to my left now swerving to avoid what just hit me…I see the left front fender bending towards me, but I’m still able to drive and get to LAX to get Tim.

My heart is now beating , but I’m thanking God and my sweet, powerful Guardian Angel for an absolute Heavenly Intervention…I than call my dad, who tells me call 911..which I did…than got to the airport…and told Tim…here’s some photos..Now we have to go to auto repair and Enterprise….thanks for your prayers.

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  1. Wanda on April 21st, 2008

    Thank you Jesus! Oh Dear God, Jennifer, definitely devine intervention! God bless you and glad that you Tim was with you shortly after this happened. Wow, I just can’t imagine having something like that happen to me while driving AND you’ve only been back behind the wheel for such a short time! So thanful that you are fine! Love you and prayers are with you always!!! Wanda

  2. Pamela on April 21st, 2008


    So sorry to hear about this.Thank goodness you are ok!! Yes, it was divine intervention that saved you. My prayers were with you too, and carried cross country, having just seen The Pope!Still, very disconcerting and upsetting. Take care of yourself, my friend.

    Love ya,

  3. Tina on April 21st, 2008

    Oh my gosh, I am so glad that you are all right! Thank you God and to your guardian angel for keeping you safe from harm! I could not breathe when I read today’s blog. I am on my phone writing this. I will try and bring myself to look at the photos later at home. Very relieved you are all right, Jennifer!

  4. Jody Cardillo on April 21st, 2008

    Jennifer, I know their are Angel’s all around us. And thank God your Angel went to the Airport with you..I think you should send your story to Angels on Earth, it’s a great magazine..

    I’s so glad your safe and sound, that’s what really counts.. Your proof that when your in troulble, just ask God, and he will answer! Love, Jody :)

  5. A on April 21st, 2008

    Oh what the the Lord will help us with! I am soo happy that you are safe and that no one was injured. You truly do have a Guardian Angel that was looking out for you at that moment. I was reading this entry and my heart was beating the whole time. God answered your prayers, and helped you in a potentially serious situation.


  6. Helen on April 21st, 2008

    God always takes care of us…I am so glad He was there for you at your time of need and that your prayers were answered!

  7. emily on April 22nd, 2008

    Hi Aunt Jennifer,

    Glad you’re ok! Gosh that must have been terrifying. like something out of the Wizard of OZ.

    Tell Tim hello for me love you!


    PS. ran 6miles, oh you’re catching up to me.Next thing you know you’ll be running from your house, around the Rose Bowl 2x and back home again.
    18 more days until the BIG race!

  8. [...] Also, on Jennifer’s blog–some unfortunate news: She was in an accident on the freeway–from a very large door frame piece of wood that hit her car “HEAD ON.” The wonderful news is this: Although Jen was pretty shocked, she walked away without a scratch! (Thank goodness!) However, her car was not so lucky–major demolished fender. Check out her blog for photos of the car! « The Many Careers of Marshall Brickman   [...]

  9. Damaris & Joe Dugan on April 24th, 2008

    Thank God your O.K.
    God is Good. The car can always be repaired.
    I am on vacation and went online to the blog and read that JLY and you are going to be in Le Miz.
    Joe is so happy especially about reading this wonderful news since Le Miz is Joe’s Show!
    He knows the music lines by heart, he sings the songs constantly around the house and continues to listen to the C.D. in our car where ever we go.
    Remind me to show you his denim jacket my friend the artist has made for him of Cosette.
    We both are looking forward to seeing you in August.
    Stay safe and be well my friend.
    Damaris & Joe Dugan

  10. alicia on April 24th, 2008

    Thank you, Jesus!
    For it is written, He will give His angels charge over you to guard and watch over you closely and carefully;” (Luke 4:10)
    Good to know there are Christians in our industry who are proud of Jesus and the truth of the gospel.
    Amen Sister! I am glad that you are OK.

  11. Gail Abrams-Young on April 24th, 2008

    Hello Jennifer,
    First of all, I am so happy you are ok after reading about your accident AND I also want to say, I’m planning to be at the Hollywood Bowl this summer!! Now I will have 2 reasons to attend the show. *wink*


  12. Howard Tucker on April 24th, 2008

    What’s the phrase Jen, “Do good things and good things happen.” While the car damage certainly isn’t “good”, your remaining intact is absolutely wonderful and I too believe you had some help from up above. And it sounds as if you remained as calm as can be expected in the situation. May you and Tim receive many more blessings in the year ahead. (And not to worry–Tommy DeVito will help you fill out “a lot of forms” to get that car looking as good as new….)