tonight the emmy’s!!

One more show to go. And remember tonight the San Francisco cast are serenading the cast of Soprano’s on the Emmys. knock em dead JB!

Well, this weekend the shows were crazy fun. Friday night Des came to the show…and it was just so great seeing him. He was so happy and gracious afterwards. He always makes it a point to come to our dressing room and say hi and stuff…he ‘s now in town rehearsing the upcoming FARNSWORTH INVENTION. I can’t wait to see it.

Heather Ferguson was on all week for Sara Schmidt (Francine) and was so good and I just love when she’s on…her spirit is fun. Then at the matinĂ©e, the only original 4 Season on was Bobby Spencer, JLY has matinĂ©es off, Daniel had tonsillitis, and Christian had personal days, and our newest member, Graham Fenton, was thrown on as Norm Waxman, because Donnie Kehr was on for Peter Gregus (who was on vacation, as well as Sara) and John Leone was on for Donnie”s roles, and Travis was on as Joe Pesci, since Michael Longoria was on as Frankie…the show flew by.

We also permanently now have welcomed ADAM BEN DAVID as our energetic, amazing and warm conductor, and kudos to MICHELLE BOSCH our fearless and calm psm for guiding Graham and the others through the shows. By the way…Graham was superb. He just got out of Carnegie Mellon and I was so impressed by not only his talent, but his poise and focus. He was dead on ready for anything thrown at him…we hope he gets to stay with our company instead of going to Vegas.

OK, last nights show..and PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF I FORGET OR GET A NAME WRONG…at the show afterwards our wonderful and gorgeous producers Kevin and Tamara Kinsella, and than our biggest fans in this order??? Howard Tucker and friends celebrating their anniversary, Irene, Beverley, Damaris and John, Allesandra (from Toronto and her friend) Kathy and Laura (of Danico’s fame!!!), Gary,and some new friends, and Pat Palambo sent some awesome tiramisu that could have fed the whole audience…if i missed anyone, sorry..thank you for your enthusiasm and support…

And I promise more news on my cabaret to come…

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  1. Wanda on September 16th, 2007

    Jen, So glad to hear about the fun you had this weekend. Will be checking out the Emmy’s tonight for sure….I’m sure the SF cast will be great, but, wish it could be OBC though to see all of you up there with the Sopranos!! (I’m partial, what can I say?) Everyone filling in for everyone else certainly keeps all of you on your toes!! LOL!!! See you soon. Love you, Wanda

  2. irene eizen on September 16th, 2007


    The show was FANtastic again last night. It always is. You give 1000% each and every performance. Thanks for the great update you just posted and for graciously listing (I am so amazed at how well you remember name) the people you saw at the stage door.

    We ar all looking forward to your Cabaret! You are the best! We love you as a performer and as a sweet, caring, lovely person. IE

  3. A on September 16th, 2007

    I will be watching the Emmys tonight!

    Thats nice that Des came in to see you guys. I am sure that was a nice treat for all of you.

    Sounds like some days this week were crazy. All those people on stage, people out, wow! It must have been a fun experience though. I hope to see Graham in a role sometime soon.

    A lot of fans at Jersey Boys on Saturday night! Wish I could have been there too! Its soo nice that you remember all your fans names and take the time to mention them. It just shows how much you appreciate us, and we definitely appreciate all your hard work!

    Can’t wait to hear more news about your cabaret,

  4. Howard Tucker on September 16th, 2007

    Jen, thank you so much for the recognition above. My friends will be thrilled at the mention.

    Love your third paragraph above detailing the substitutions. I see a great alternative career, there, Jen, of designing IQ tests. If one can figure out who’s subsituting for whom after reading that, he/she would qualify for automatic Mensa membership (LOL).

    And Pat Palumbo is a great cook, isn’t she?? We both just saw Ratatouille (sp?), so I’m wondering if she’s gotten any advice from “Little Chef”???!!!

    Thanks again, Jen. After seeing you so many times, your “THANKS DAD…” still gets me each time. Take care.

  5. Hilary on September 17th, 2007

    Hey Jen,

    To go along with what Howard said… that one paragraph does take a couple read throughs to thoroughly grasp. I am just slightyl confused as to who was on for Bob/Tommy. I’m guessing Dominic was one but with Matt doing “A Catered Affair”, who swung into the other part? I’m probably just missing someone since I haven’t seen the show in so long and haven’t seen the newer cast members yet.

    Hope all is well and that the Cabaret is coming along splendidly!


  6. Howard Tucker on September 17th, 2007

    Hilary, last night John Leone was Tommy and Dominic was Bob Gaudio. Donnie took Peter’s roles, and newcomer Graham Fenton took Donnie’s roles. At the stage door, Graham commented that I had the honor of being there on his debut night!!

    JLY was there, of course, and Michael assumed his normal Joe Pesci role.

  7. Denis Irwin on November 13th, 2008