the amazing Christine Lahti was here last night

I will now carry to my grave the words she spoke to me…I know I sound very dramatic..but Miss Christine Lahti was waiting outside the stage door..I passed her by, not recognizing her with her new blonde hair, lithe, tall frame and with her sweet daughter Emma. She stopped me, and graced me with very specific compliments.. which all I can say made my night and made me feel like even after doing the show for over 2 years, I was on a good path…

I had a voice over audition yesterday morning ..which I love and want more of. Early on I had one, and the director/casting director is in another room speaking into a microphone..and she’s talking , and I’m miming “I can’t hear you” and she mimes back..”put on the headphones” DUH!!!!!!!! What a novice.. I love being in there with another actor, cuz you learn so much from them. Like yesterday, I was with a make believe husband, and this guy had such a cool voice and he improvised away from the script so I just followed. who knows??? All those actors know each’s like a mysterious cool VIP room, that I get invited into every now and than..

I also had my 1st rehearsal for my own cabaret. My director Andy Gale, is much harder on me than any one else I’ve worked with. This is going to be quite the journey searching for songs.. He makes me aim high, and remember to act the lyric and not just sing American Idol riffs ( by the way that’s one of my favorite shows) any hoo..onward and upward..2 shows to go to..

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  1. Wanda on July 18th, 2007

    Jen, How awesome for you! After two plus years, making it fresh every night is such a gift and you’ve got it!! Good luck with the voice over, I hope you get it and many more!!! Andy’s really making you bust butt,huh!?! It’s going to be great….enjoy the journey! Having internal trouble sending emails so thought I’d try sending here, hope this gets thru! Have great shows today!
    Love ya, Wanda

  2. A on July 18th, 2007

    I love hearing stories about how celebrities really enjoy the show. :)

    Keep striving for voiceovers, you do have a great voice!

    Good luck with Andy Gale, sounds like boot camp!

  3. Beverley Micciche on July 18th, 2007

    You and i have emailed and I have talked to you at the stage door also. I bought tickets for myself and my husband to attend your cabaret show. I am looking forward to it!

  4. Lori on July 19th, 2007

    Hi Jen! That sounds saw awesome you are doing voiceovers how cool is that :-D

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to go to your Carbaret show :-( I wish I could! I’m sorry! I’m sure you’ll be fantasic though, because you are fantasic :-)