i know it’s been awhile

Nothing earth shattering to report. I went up to my rooftop on the 40th floor and had a panoramic view of 5 different firework displays going on..It was beautiful, even though it was raining. It was just me and 2 Russian girls who live here. I had no idea I could see the Empire State bldg, GE, Chrysler…Brooklyn, Queens, NJ, East River..etc..gorgeous..UNTIL the security guards came and told us we’re not allowed up here. I had my JB cap on and kept my face low, in the dark, so as not to be recognized…I tuned into the Macy’s tv show just in time to hear JLY’s amazing rendition of “WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD”

Sometimes you become immune to the talent you work with everyday..and Ron Melrose and Steve Orich arranged this rendition..and it was stunning..hearing John sing something other than our nightly songs. I left him a bday message and a congratulatory one on his work.

The 4 Jersey Girls and Travis are preparing to do a one night only cabaret, to be directed by our former ass.director Holly Anne Ruggiero. It will be in August at Ars Nova..I believe Monday the 13th..following our path to and in this show.

At the same time, I’ve begun working on my own cabaret..I’m aiming for October..when everyone is back from summer vacation..I’ll let you all know when. My dear friend and colleague, Andy Gale, will be directing it and hopefully Daniel Reichard, producing it..Andy and I did Les Miz together, and he also did Rags, Side Show, and has directed I Love You You’re Perfect Now Change, among various shows..I’m excited to start this journey.

I had a fun week of auditions too, one for a reading of a movie/to be made musical…(didn’t get it, but it was ensemble anyway, as the lead was cast and she’s great), 2 a voice over for LOREAL where I had to talk about proxylane peptides, and hydrlauric spheres…and 3 a new Paul Giamatti film…this was fun…we’ll see what God has in store….

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  1. Rachel on July 6th, 2007

    Hi Jennifer!

    Both cabarets that you mentioned working on sound awesome! I’d love to be able to go to the August one, but I’ll only be in the city the day before for Daniel’s show at Joe’s Pub. Maybe I’ll be able to catch your solo show though. :)

    Hope everything works out well with your auditions!


  2. A on July 6th, 2007

    Your such a busy person! I do agree that JLY’s What A Wonderful World was awesome.

    Glad to hear about your cabarets and auditions. Don’t feel bad about not getting in the ensemble in that show, we love you here at Jersey Boys! Lol.

    See you tomorrow at the stage door.

  3. Christina on July 6th, 2007

    Hey Jennifer

    Hopefully I can attend the cabaret that is in August,it sounds awesome,I really would like to go.And when you have more info on your cabaret in October let us know.I will be coming to see the show hopefully in two weeks,either the 19th or the 20th. I will let you know when.Talk to you soon.


  4. Elle on July 6th, 2007

    Hey Jenn!
    Weren’t the fireworks so beautiful? Hilary and I are living near the seaport and ran out of our building to catch them. Gorgeous!

    I believe I’m going to Daniel’s show at Joe’s Pub on the 12th, so I’d love to go to the cabaret you guys are doing the day after! Keep us updated on that as well as the one in October.

    Good luck on getting what you auditioned for.

    See you soon, hopefully!

  5. Hilary on July 6th, 2007

    Call me 12 and not 21… be dyslexic for a second… but I laughed when I read ass.director. I’ll admit it, I need to act my age and not my shoe size (7… haha)!

    Anywhoo… Great to hear you’re doing some fun new stuff outside of JB. Not that we don’t all love it but it’s nice to see something new. I might be in Cali for all the fun stuff happening in August but I’m sure it’ll be awesome!

    Take Care,

  6. stacey on July 6th, 2007

    Hi Jennifer,

    I also agree that John was great on the 4th. I read people wishing him a great trip in London…is or was he there on vacation while off last week? If so, I hope he was no where near all of the car bombs etc.

    All of the cabaret shows sound awesome. Keep me posted on times, dates etc etc. I know they will be fantastic. Best of luck on the auditions.

    Look for a quick email from me.