it’s as if we’re doing 10 shows

It’s true we have an added show this Sunday night for the Actors Fund and yesterday we did a whole put in /show for our new member Colin who replaces Steve Gouveia..He did great and is a sweetheart. Also Travis Cloer was put in as Frankie…let me just say his voice is amazing!!!!! The entire cast was so enthusiastic about him and Colin..we soared thru the evening show. Colin begins Tuesday as Steve, who’s been in rehearsal with the 2nd company during the day, bids us farewell, First Titus now Steve..and we’ve been together since La Jolla, so it’s very sad. But still great for him. Not sure when Travis will be on as Frankie..but you won’t be disappointed. Des and Ron sure know what they’re doing in casting this show. I know there are a lot of “Frankies” in Frankie boot camp too. Keep up the hard sure pays off. OK I’m going to get ready for the show..I’m kinda nervous about this nor easter…didn’t we just celebrate Easter?

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  1. Stacey on April 13th, 2007

    Hi Jennifer,

    It sounds like Colin & Travis fit right in with everyone & everything. So there are a lot of “Frankies” waiting in the wings….does this mean a bunch more tours are to come????????? The roll of Bob Crewe in the 2nd tour is being played by Craig Laurie, a home grown Staten Island NY native. YAAAAY!!!

    Via MYSPACE I have sent welcome & best wishes to Craig, Travis, Erich & Nate. Each has responded with very warm thanks & spoke of their excitement to be part of the JB’s family. I will say this to all my fellow JB’s fans. These cast members & all of the three shows truly feel our warmth and best wishes for them in the shows. It is always the first thing they mention and say thanks. So continue to stop by the stage doors & let them know.

    By the way, how are Daniel & Erica feeling? I hope no one else has gotten sick. Keep warm & bundled up this weekend. Take a cab to & from the theater. You don’t want to get sick before you have to go home.

    Look for some pics of the kids next week. Took some more of Peter’s b-day school party today. Pete also brought in his guitar & a puppet & worked with his class in their theater workshop.


  2. Devon on April 14th, 2007

    It’ll be sad to Steve go. He always adds such life to the roles I’ve seen him in. I’m sure everything will be awesome even after he’s left, but he will be missed.

    Ugh, and the weather. I basically swam to classes on Thursday (sopping wet) and it seemed to be freezing. And the wind is just biting. I want spring! Seems like maaaybe next thursday could be the start of it. Hope you stay warm and well and DRY (!) between then!


  3. A on April 14th, 2007

    It is sad to hear about Steve leaving. I hope he has some last great shows.

    Glad to hear about Travis in the role. I hope he goes on as Frankie soon. Maybe when I am there for the matinee in May?

    I am nervous about this storm too. The weatherman said we are supposed to get 6 inches here. :(