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Today I’m shooting a part in Amy Neswald’s (our hair dept. head at JB) new film. I will play a mom in the 60′ s giving birth, and than another scene when he’s a toddler. Amy also cast Erica Piccinnini as the ingenue in it and Kris Coleman…and some of our cast’s apartments are being used too. Amy is a talented writer and does mean work on our hairstyles..It should be fun..She and Michael Clarkston (our stage mgr) are pulling double duty..shooting from 4 am till late afternoon than doing the show at night.

Last night Kyrsten Green did a walk on in the show , pairing up with Peter Gregus in a scene. Her family contributed a significant donation to Bway Cares ..she did a great job. She’s a broadcasting major and a dance minor..and I think the next Mary Hart..beautiful..Her family was so excited when she came out at the end to bow.

I also briefly saw John and Noreen from West Point..the cutest couple who’ve been married for over 35 years..who stood in line for hours to get tickets..and ended up in the 5th row. they were kind enough to ask me to dessert but a surprise friend of mine Sarah Zimmerman, who I did The Full Monty with, flew in and got a SRO ticket and saw the show. She actually is in town to see the marathon Coast of Utopia production…she’s an amazing actress and friend who lives on the West Coast now..anyway off to film land…

Oh did I say we spotted a gorgeous Selma Hayek in the audience last week..and I mean gorgeous…and I think pregnant.?

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  1. Stacey on March 30th, 2007

    Hi Jennifer,

    Wow…when are you going to get any rest? Sounds like you, Erica, Ms Neswald, & Mr. Clarkston are very, very busy & will be very, very tired tonight. Let us know the progress of the film & if & when it can be seen here in NY.

    And yes I have heard Selma Hayek is about 5 months pregnant. She IS gorgeous on TV & in movies…so I can imagine how beautiful she is in person.

    Just read that the guys, Mr. Valli & Mr. Gaudio will be on CBS SUNDAY MORNING this weekend. Very nice. No offense to the guys, ….but why not interview the many other talented cast members too. You all do such a fantastic job each & every show. You are all the most warm & generous cast I have met. You all deserve to be in the spot light more.

    Pete says hello. He is in Manhattan taping an interview on Sirus Satellite radio now. Not sure when it will air, but I will email you the info.

    Ok that is it for now. Keep up the great work.

    XOXO, Stacey

  2. Christina on March 30th, 2007

    Hey Jennifer,
    Thats so cool that she got to have a walk on in the show,it must have been so exciting for her.I also just read about the guys being on the CBS morning news,I think they should interview you and the girls too.I have good news,my mom went into surgery monday and everything came out to be fine,thank goodness.And I am coming to see the show next Friday!Me and my friends are going to get Standing Room tickets.Can’t wait!See you next week.

  3. A on March 30th, 2007

    Hey Jen!
    Congratulations on your role. What a great opportunity. I am glad other Jersey Boys cast members got the chance to have a role too.

    See you on Sunday!!! It is going to be a lot of fun!


  4. Stacey on March 30th, 2007


    I’m glad to hear that everything with your mom worked out A OK. I know that you both must be very relieved. I read your prior posts but didn’t want to ask anything in case things went another way. Tell your mom I think she is a very lucky woman to have a daughter that loves her so much.

    Enjoy the show next week.


  5. Christina on March 30th, 2007

    Thank You very much Stacey,that was very nice of you I truly appreciate what you said.My mother said thank you also.

  6. jennifer on March 31st, 2007

    Hi Stacey,

    Yes they’re going to be on this Sunday. They talked to them about 45 minutes but they have no idea how long the segment will be. The film was fun. They have 2 more days of shooting…Erica has a lead part…I just play a mom…but we’ll see how it goes. Have a great week. xo jennifer

  7. jennifer on March 31st, 2007

    Hi Christina,

    Are you the same Christina that just sent me the letter yesterday…about you being an ideal Mary Delgado? I loved your letter. Make sure you say hi to me…next Friday…love, jennifer