Is Spring Here Yet

Well it’s been quite an interesting past week. Last Monday I came down with the dreaded stomach flu that had been taking victims in our cast and around the US. I haven’t had that type of flu since I was in grade school. I specifically remember being in our family kitchen and seeing campbell tomato abc soup spelling weird words coming out of my nose.(Sorry to anyone snacking) So needless to say I missed Tuesday and both shows Wednesday and returned for Thursday.

Thursday night Pete and Stacey we’re at the show after her bday dinner at Gallaghers. They are fans of the show along with their little boy Petey..and Pete Sr is a comic and a ventriloquist also. They live in NJ but were kind enough to give me a ride home. My voice over agent was supposed to come to but he got the flu and gave his tickets to clients at the agency…who happens to be on the Sopranos…who happens to have come with his dancing partner??…who happens to be dancing on a big Dancing show on tv…to possibly a 4 Seasons song…you’ll have to watch TV to see if it’s true.

On Sunday we sang “Who Loves You” and right when we hit the last note and pose we noticed a whole row of the audience spring up and start screaming..we ran off the stage…ran back on when the lights came back on to supposedly bow??? and discovered a gentleman was having a heart attack..John Leone yelled for a doctor in the house..which thankfully there was, an ambulance was called, the audience was pleased asked to leave and thanked for coming…it was horrible and we were all shaking…and Christian led a prayer with a few of us to the side of the stage for the man and his family and those who were to help him…the ambulance came..Richard our stage mgr told us his color had returned and he was breathing, and we’re all just praying he is indeed alright…It was a disturbing way to end the show..and also thought provoking in where our priorities and joys and thankfulness in being alive, should be.

This coming Sunday I’ve been invited to be in a benefit along with Daniel Reichard, Titus Burgess, Constantine Mauralis and others for the 3rd Annual Broadway Purim Schpiel..details to come. I do know that the amazing Seth Rudetsky is the music director. That’s all she wrote for now.

PS Oh I forgot..Last Sunday night I got to see my friend Paul Vogt(Mad TV, the RerunSHow) in his Broadway Debut as Edna Turnblad in Hairspray. He was hilarious!!and the show is so high energy. I couldn’t believe I caught their last show on a 5 show weekend and the energy was at %300!! I also have other friends/acquaintances in the show..Jonathan Dokuchitz, Jere Burns, and Joe Abraham(who’s actually in the Frankie Valli bootcamp )All adorable and enromously talented..Thanks for a great night

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  1. Stacey on February 27th, 2007

    Hi Jennifer,

    The above mentioned Stacey here. Gee I hope that man is doing better now. I can’t imagine how scary that must have been for everyone involved. How is your agent feeling? It was great seeing you on thursday. As always, you & the whole show were FANTASTIC!! I’ll let you know what happens with our tickets for trip number four.

    Talk to ya soon.

  2. jennifernaimo on February 27th, 2007

    Hi Stacey
    thankyou. I hope he is well too. Hopefully we’ll know more tonight. Have a great week. Jennifer

  3. Devon on February 27th, 2007

    Hope you’re feeling better. I had the flu two weeks ago (where I lost my voice completely), but thankfully not the stomach virus. Seems like the flu has been getting everyone lately.

    And what a shock that must have been for everyone on Sunday. Sounds like a scary experience, but hopefully the story has a happy ending.

    Hoping spring is here soon,

  4. A on February 27th, 2007

    Oh My Goodness Jen! What a frightening thing to happen. God bless that man. I hope he is doing well. It was nice of Christian to lead a prayer.

  5. Hilary on February 27th, 2007

    I am thinking the “who happens” to guy would be Vincent Pastore! Cannot wait for Dancing with the Stars to start!

    And omigosh for the poor guy in the audience. What did you guys do to give him a heart attack? (kidding… kidding….) One good thing about having 1200 people in one room, odds are there is a doctor. Good to hear he is ok.

    Hi may be right. I can’t wait too..I hope my husband tapes the show for me…You are very funny by the way..xo jennifer

  6. jennifer on February 28th, 2007

    hi stacey
    yes i”m hoping he’s alright too. thanks again for the ride home and the video. i’m looking forward to viewing it. say hi to your kids..xo jennifer

  7. jennifer on February 28th, 2007

    hi devon
    yes i”m feeling so much better. it was such a shock to end the show like that. i’d love to hear from someone how he is doing though. i’m glad to hear your voice is back…that’s the worst i’m sure. you really start to value your body and it’s miraculous workings when you’re’s to an early spring..xox jennifer

  8. jennifernaimo on February 28th, 2007

    hi a
    yes Christian is very good at embodying the essence of his name. Every prayer helps and hopefully the man is doing well. xo jennifer

  9. Lori on February 28th, 2007

    Aww Jen wow I’m glad you are feeling better! Stomach viruses aren’t fun :(

    Wow that is so scary I hope he is doing better!!

    See you soon Jen :)