what a week!

It’s been a great busy week at Jersey Boys. First off, we just won the Grammy last night!! YAHOO…I gave a call to Steve Orich who was supposed to collect our award if we won, but somehow there was a miscommunication and he couldn’t get the ticket so he and his wife Judy and our musical director Ron Melrose and new wife Alexis were in Las Vegas about to see Zumanities…and were 3 hours behind what we had seen on TV..but they were ecstatic! I also left a message for Bob and Judy Gaudio and our own John Lloyd Young..Without the above mentioned we would be nowhere. Especially Bob and Frankie and Tommy and Nicks story..Thank you everyone. What an exiting time I’m in…I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts..

Also, my long lost theatre college friend Laurin Cowling came into town with his partner Troy. I hadn’t seen him since my first year of college at Hope College in Holland Michigan before I got into NYU Grad Acting program the next year. He is extremely talented and when I was singing in a top 40 Band he would have blackberry tea with honey awaiting me in between sets…I lost contact with him..and now he’s an extremely successful interior designer based out of Chicago and writer..They invited me to join them at Cafe Des Artists which was beautiful and classy and quiet and highly recommended by me..and the following day I invited them to Renaissance Diner in between shows…even trade right..I’m so glad we caught up finally.

I also saw Wanda again…who came to our show in LaJolla and I had met years ago while performing in Williamstown Cabaret. She treated herself for her birthday..and she is a doll. She gifted me with a wonderful, funky necklace made out of film..and a very special medal from Medjugorge, Yugoslavia…which was a pilgrimage I made in 1990 after my last show in Les Miserables..and she too had visited …that’s a whole other chapter..

We all also met Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell after the Friday night show. They could not have been more enthusiastic, warm and genuinely down to earth. Thank you all for your generosity..enjoy the photos…

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  1. Lori on February 14th, 2007

    Cute pictures Jen :-)


  2. [...] Jennifer Naimo reports on her blog that the cast met Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell after last Friday evening’s performance. Check out their photo on Jennifer’s latest blog post. [...]

  3. Beverley Micciche on February 15th, 2007

    Congratulations to you and all the cast for winning the Grammy!
    I have seen JB over 20 times and I still keep coming. I love the scene you do at the table with JLY. You are so good and it is so funny! Of course the role you play as Frankie Valli’s wife does have a sad ending, but your duet with JLY is special.
    Each time I see JB I study the play, and I see how many other dress changes and parts you have to do. You are busy throughout the entire play and all the roles are demanding with high energy.
    JB is a winner and I believe will be on Broadway for a very long time. Last week when I saw the show, three people sitting near me had already seen the show once were returning for a second time. People who I sit near when they hear I have seen the show so many times, at the end of intermission and again at the end of the play, tell me they can see now why I keep coming back.
    I just hope the original cast gets to do the movie!

  4. THEA on February 15th, 2007

    You and all the Jersey Boys are to be congratulated on the Grammy win for Bob Gaudio. The original cast has to be the ones to do the movie. I wish they were finished so we can see another win for The Boys(and the Girls).

  5. jennifer on February 21st, 2007

    thea thankyou for the congrats..we are thrilled. It has been a fantastic ride and I know everyone involved feels so blessed..