On my day off yesterday I could hardly get across the street to my new apt. It’s on the River and literally I had to walk backwards to get across the street because of the wind coming off the Hudson River. Who knew? They say with the windshield it was 13 below. But hey, my family in Grand Rapids, Michigan were snowed in with 16 inches of snow. SO I’m not complaining. I’m savoring being able to look out the window everyday at NJ!! until they finish construction on this new high rise that will than block my view. I think it’s Donald Trumps new property. It makes me so sad. I finally have a room with a view. But I can still see the park right under me with little kids all bundled up, and happy dogs leaving their mark…literally.

I got reaquainted with a Broadway genius last week. Seth Rudetsky. He was at the theatre in between shows Saturday rehearsing with Daniel Reichard for last nights LEADING MEN 11..Hopefully I can start doing these benefits soon, as Daniel has put a bug in my ear..and may be guiding me into doing some kind of show. Daniel Reichard astounds me. Every night off ,every week I can remember he has performed somewhere. During intermission he is learning or singing a new song..constantly learning, growing and inspiring me. I love him…he is one of a kind. And I hope you have all seen his act…if not you’ll have plenty of opportunities. Ok off to the show. This week , my long lost college friend is coming in..he used to serve me tea at my first year of Hope College(before I transferred to NYU Grad Program) when I sang lead in a top 40 band. We also did The Real Inspector Hound that year. I’m excited to catch up with Lauren Cowling..

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  1. Devon on February 6th, 2007

    The campus I attend has a river and everytime I walk alongside it, the wind chill kills me. It could be worse… I definitely would not enjoy 16 inches of snow!

    I’ve never been to a show of Daniel’s (besides rockers on broadway this past summer, which technically wasn’t his), but his talent always astounds me. Such a golden voice. Along with you and the rest of your cast. Every time I see JBs, I’m amazed at the overflowing talent.

    Stay warm!

  2. Emily on February 6th, 2007

    Lol yes 16 inches of snow is not fun!! However, it’s not so much the snow but the crazy drivers and the ice underneath that’s the worst part!! Haha well with this time off for school it makes up for Christmas break, when there was no snow!

    Stay Bundled Up!!

  3. Christina on February 7th, 2007

    Hey Jennifer,
    It was nice seeing you again this past Saturday.We were all so spoiled with such nice weather and now its freezing outside!Stay Warm and enjoy the rest of you week!

  4. Lori on February 9th, 2007

    Hi Jennifer!

    I can’t stand this cold weather anymore either! :-( I’m ready for summer!!!!

    Also, I saw Daniel at Rockers last Monday. I agree with you he is a doll and has a wonderful voice!!!

    I hope you are well :-)