Family and more family

Well, this has been three solid fantastic weeks of family coming and going. First my niece Emily and her gma Mary were here for a week. They stayed mid town at a sweet boutique hotel that you can make your own latte or cappucino (for free)!!! The Amsterdam Court. I loved visiting!!! Then as they left, my little sister came that same day, saw the show last Tuesday, I visited her on my day off in New Jersey(she was staying with her best friend Heather…a true Jersey girl) and so I got a taste of New Jersey…Howell, NJ. Then Tim came for two and a half days and I won’t see him again till May!! When I take my 2nd week of vacation, I’m going to my mom and dad’s house in Michigan to film a new children’s video and Tim will be learning a new heart and lung machine in Ann Arbor, Michigan for his job at LA Children’s Hospital, and I happen to be home for my niece Jessica’s wedding to her finance Mike…She is #2 of 17 of my nieces and nephews.

Tim and I made a day trip to Coney Island…for those of you who aren’t familiar with Coney Island …it’s a hopping summer beach, boardwalk bonanza and a freezing cold, deserted ghost town in January…But actually it was really cool and cold and we had a blast. That night we celebrated at Rosa Mexicana with table side guacamole, homemade corn tortillas and chips and their trademark pomegranate margaritas.. I had 2 orders of guacamole which did not help my already messed up stomach problem that forced me out of the show Sunday…but sometime you have to suffer for your art. Enjoy the photos.

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  1. Emily on January 31st, 2007

    Lovely Pic’s! Some many pretty people in them..ahem and Uncle Tim..what a catch! Love you both!

  2. A on February 1st, 2007

    Glad you had fun at Liberty and Ellis Island. I love going there. What a magical feeling. Glad you had a great time with all your family and friends. Hope you received my letter to you at the theatre last week.

    Have a great week Jennifer!

  3. Steve Holden on February 1st, 2007

    Christy and I stayed at the Amsterdam Court also. It was great for us! Thanks for a great set of pictures. They remind me of our trip last April. Has it almost been a year since we first interviewed all the girls in Jersey Boys?!? Keep up the good work and keep healthy! – Steve

  4. Jody on February 7th, 2007

    Ah, yeah…just to set the record striaght, that was 22 inches of snow and I had to work during the blizzard escorting airplanes to the runway. Who flies in that kind of weather?

  5. Jody on February 7th, 2007

    Ooops…STRAIGHT not striaght

  6. Audrey on February 13th, 2007

    Gorgeous pics… Coney island, the squirrel and butterfly- and the one of you geting into character… I can actually see it. So inspiring. Thanks for sharing all those.