Coldest day so far

Well, it’s officially winter. They say it feels like 6 degrees out…so cold. Anyway, it’s been a great few weeks. Last week, my niece Emily and her gma Mary from Grand Rapids, Mich were in town for a week. Emily has seen the show a few times, but always finds something new. The day she left, my youngest sister Jody flew in to see the show, but also spent time with her best friend, Heather, a true Jersey girl, who’s a sweetheart and has gone through a very trying year, losing her young sister-in-law. I so appreciate my family coming to see the show at these prices. And all of you…I don’t know how you do it.

Danny Aiello and his beautiful wife Sandy were at the show and he was so kind, and tall and specific about each individual’s work…believe me , I’m so touched when people find something good to say to each person It’s so generous and considerate.. Thank you, Mr. Aiello for making my night, and calling me “Kiddo.”

Last night, we met the one and only Ann Reinking who was so striking and warm. She said she was the one crying and laughing her heart out. She was so moved by the show, and it was such an honor to meet her. As I was barreling out the door, Caroline Rhea stopped me and paid me such a specific compliment that I stuttered saying, “Coming from you, that is quite an honor.” I spotted her at the curtain call ‘cuz she absolutely sparkled, and I saw her co-host that morning on “Regis.” She will also be hosting the “Rockers” event…which will be a hoot.

I’m discovering that the most talented, gifted actors and celebrities are usually the most generous and warm in greeting us after. It’s very interesting…Thank you to everyone that comes and supports and enjoys our show. I know we feel very blessed to be a part of it.

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  1. Emily on January 27th, 2007

    Clarification..Aside from all the clips I’ve seen on t.v and the web that was only my 2nd time seeing the IT show of Broadway!! Love you


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  3. Lori on January 29th, 2007

    That is so awesome Jen :-D