Christmas time in the City

Well on Christmas day I got up early and walked to St Malachy’s, the Actors Chapel, in Times Square for Christmas Mass. After mass I jogged for a short spell in Central Park to prepare for my Christmas meal. Peter Gregus, our wonderful Bob Crewe, invited a few homeless cast members over for a sumptuous dinner. I was in charge of the appetizers and so Peter had to instruct me on the different cheeses that were needed. I had a great time at Fairway and Zabars posing questions to the frommagers (sp?) about the best mild, hard, semi-hard and stiltons…I also brought humus, sun dried tomatoes, pate and crackers. Aaron provided a lovely Italian champagne, perseco?? and that was just appetizers. Peter had perfectly timed out the dinner. We began with a procini risotto, proceeded to a tri colore salad with a blood orange vinagerette, pan roasted potatoes, green beans, turnips, parsnips, carrots and pearl onions and the most tender and juicy prime rib I’ve ever devoured. Steve Gouveia was in charge of the wine and perfectly complimented each course (even a red Portugese wine to celebrate his heritage). Michelle Bosch provided her amazing array of baked goods…even a homemade peanut butter cup, and peppermint butter cream chocolate sandwich…and other desserts from Venero’s bakery…All in all, the meal was delicious and the company scintillating. I even fit in my costume last night. I think because I laughed so much at the entertainment from my friends. I hope your Christmas was beautiful too.

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  1. Stacey on December 27th, 2006

    Hi Jennifer,

    Sounds like you all had a fantastic time. See if Peter will give you the recipe for the whole dinner. I just had the last of the leftovers from our holiday meal and am stuffed. In reading what Peter made, I am hungry all over again. Love the tree too. Talk to ya soon.


  2. Emily on December 28th, 2006

    You must have died and gone to heaven with all that food!!! Love you and can’t wait to see you in 18ish more days!!


  3. Wanda on January 2nd, 2007


    Just got around to catching up. It does my heart good to know that you had a wonderful Christmas spent with friends…..and tons of FOOD!!!! Looks awesome, I could have Christmas dinner all over again! Hope to see you soon!


  4. Lori on January 2nd, 2007

    Hi Jen,
    Wow that food looks great!!! Very Yummy :-D
    Love the pictures!!
    Happy New Year! Hope to see you on the 14th!!