i’m back!!!

Well I got back just in time for last nights show. I had a fantastic time with my husband TIm. It was nice playing husband and wife again. Our place in Pasadena felt like a mansion. We live in a townhouse with 3 separate floors and a 2 door garage!! Now to many of you that may seem mundane , but after living in a NY apt you really begin to appreciate space.

California was lovely. The weather in the late 60′s to mid 70′s for the week and than when we went to Fresno it was like NY weather…freezing!Tims mom turned 80 so we took a train 4 hours there , spent the weekend, and returned on Sunday night.The party was catered with fantastic gourmet food, but I cornered the chips, guacamole and 7 layer dip the entire afternoon.

His mom , Jessie, loves me singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow ..so that I did. I followed a cowboy from the group Pioneers of the San Joachim..he serenaded Jessie and also sang a gorgeous rendition of “Mary Did You Know’ an amazing Christmas song.

My last night at home TIm and I celebrated Christmas, and New Years by having a 3 hour dining event at the Melting Pot…a cool fondue place..in Old Town Pasadena..we got up at 4 30 am the next morning and I was on the plane at 7am…with stuffed up nose and swollen eyes(from leaving my sweetheart) ..Pictures to follow

ALso everyday I ran around the ROse Bowl which was cool cuz they were making preparations for the Rose Bowl Parade.. I love Pasadena..My first night back I went to Mexicali in Studio City with my best girlfriends Tricia and SHerry…we always celebrate our bdays there..

All in All it was a great time and now I leave for 2 shows today and in between a Christmas party at my agents.

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  1. Lori on December 23rd, 2006

    Great pictures Jennifer! Glad you had a wonderful time :-D