Mom’s big birthday

Mom and Dad

Me with Mom and Dad

Jody, Joey, me, Jan, and Jill the kids of Jackie and Joe

The whole Naimo clan

Well, last Monday on my day off, I headed to LaGuardia Airport bright and early to fly to Grand Rapids, Michigan to surprise my Mom on her big birthday. Everyone in the family knew except my Mom and Dad. I don’t know how 17 nieces and nephews, three sisters, and one brother kept in a secret. I don’t like to fly, and I like to call my parents before getting on the plane and when landing so they pray for me and I can hear their voices…so it was hard not doing this little ritual of mine. But, I did talk to my husband Tim and my sister Jody, who works at the airport in GR, and they helped me immensely, along with my brother-in-law John, who works for Nwest airlines, get me there when everything was delayed going there and getting back.

My folks were shocked to see me and I told them it was their bday, anniversary and Christmas present combined. We went to a great restaurant and took up the whole back room with 30 of us. I love my family and wanted to stay so much longer. I was a nervous wreck trying to get back to NY before the show Tuesday night. Everything was delayed, and Detroit had a fuel farm fire??? Anyway, I made it and it was well worth it…Here are some photos of my family.

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  1. Lori on October 31st, 2006

    Hi Jen, I’m glad you had a good time :-) Cute pictures of you and your family. You have a big family!!
    Also, flying is fun!! I love it ;-)