Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas!!!!!!!!

All I can say is wow..We were mesmerized by her beauty. She was taller than I had imagined and tiny and gorgeous!!! All the girls were transfixed and we apologized for staring at her. But she was completely comfortable with the ogling. She said the minute the lights went down she was transfixed and wanted to be up on stage again. If we’re lucky, she’ll be on Bway again soon. Michael Douglas is so handsome and warm. Both of them graciously put us at ease and made it a point to compliment us individually. Bruce Glickas, from Broadway.Com took the photos…so hopefully they’ll be on that site soon.

Also to come–photos of my 14-hour?? trip home to Michigan this past Monday to surprise my mom on her birthday. Almost all of my 17 nieces and nephews were there along with my brother and sisters and mom and dad. It was so wonderful being home for that short time…photos soon…

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