Jersey Boys Cast Performs for Baron Funds Group at Lincoln Center

Well, this morning the entire cast was invited to perform 55 minutes of Jersey Boys to the Baron Funds group. The city of NY chose our show, which was the first time any show has participated. In the past Elton John and Cher have performed. We all wore black and were in a state of the art huge tent, and their were food stations set up everywhere for the guests, so as they chewed and watched we did the first act, sans props, costumes, lighting…It was actually a lot of fun. At the other tent, Bernadette Peters was performing at the same time. I would have loved to watch her. I caught a little of her run thru, and she sounded amazing as usual. Kristin Chenoweth was to be after us, in the lobby of the Met, I believe, and the surprise guest for the group was to be Billy Crystal.

Michael Longoria was on as Frankie, and Steve Gouveia as Nick and they were simply marvelous. The 4 boys sounded so good, even at 10 in the morning for our sound check. We all sat in chairs on stage until our numbers, or scenes came up. The entire band was on stage with us and, I could see that both the cast and band (along with the audience) really enjoyed watching the show again…We haven’t been able to see each other perform since rehearsal. It’s a great group of people..we all feel blessed.

All of the patrons were running up to us afterwards to ask for tickets. I said I can’t even get my family tickets…anyway till next chat..

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  1. John Howard on October 18th, 2006

    We enjoyed talking with you outside the stage door on September 25th after our 6th viewing of Jersey Boys. Thanks for remembering us on your site (John and Norene from the West Point area). The performance was outstanding – as great as the first time we saw it back in February. As a surprise birthday gift to Norene – she has yet to find out – we are going back to see you and the rest of the cast of Jersey Boys on her birthday, November 15th. Knowing that she checks your blog several times a week, I would appreciate it if you could post this message on your site. It would be a terrific way for Norene to be surprised to know that we are going back once again to absorb the most entertaining and talented show on Broadway – for the 7th time! Looking forward to seeing you then, thanks, John